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U.S. Poker Open 2019

Event #4 – $10,000 Short Deck

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Level 23



0 / 0

big blind ante


players remaining





10,000 USD

Prize Pool

420,000 USD

Starting stack


Average stack


Fourth Time’s a Charm, Sean Winter Wins Event #4 – $10,000 Short Deck

Sean Winter wins Event #4 at the 2019 U.S. Poker Open - $10,000 Short Deck for $151,200.

After making all four 2019 U.S. Poker Open final tables, including a runner-up finish, Sean Winter won Event #4 – $10,000 Short Deck. Winter defeated David Peters heads up and is now the overall leader in the USPO standings.

Sounding slightly befuddled mixed with exhaustion and excitement, Winter said after his win, “Everything is just flowing well. I’m focused, feeling mentally strong and I’m getting lucky in the right spots and getting away with things in others.”

Winter has previously stated he thinks Stephen Chidwick is still the favorite to win the added $100,000 and the USPO overall title, considering Chidwick’s mixed-game prowess. The mixed-game tournament was one of the events Chidwick won during his 2018 USPO Championship quest.

“I probably need another first or second place because I think Stevie is going to do well the rest of the series. I haven’t really put much thought into it until this point and I might need 600 points to win this thing.”

As for this event, Winter defeated Peters in a rather one-sided heads up match, with the exception of a Peters double up. Peters entered the day as the chip leader and took home $100,800 for his second place finish in his first 2019 USPO final table appearance. Winter knocked him out when he flopped two pair and Peters was drawing almost dead, needing running jacks or broadway cards to stay in the tournament.

Chidwick also made this final table, but finished sixth ($25,200) and gave Winter the chance to move from third to first place in the USPO overall standings. It was actually Winter who eliminated Chidwick when Winter limped with kings and Chidwich shoved with . Winter rivered a full house and sent Chidwick to the rail.

Ben Yu was next to go and took home fifth place for $33,600. He was Eliminated by Seth Davies. Yu shoved first to act and Davies called with on the button. Davies made a straight to eliminate Yu.

Ben Lamb managed to build a stack after entering the day as the shorty. He was eliminated in fourth place ($42,000) when Winter limped with kings again and Lamb shoved [QkJc]. Lamb could catch up and Winter eliminated another player on his way to the eventual victory.

Davies fell in third place, limping and calling a shove from Winter with . Winter flopped two pair and stayed ahead to send Davies home with third-place money ($67,200).

The heads up portion of the tournament didn’t last much longer and Winter capped off his fourth consecutive final table with a win. The payouts of Event #4 are as follows.

2019 U.S. Poker Open Event #4 Payouts
Name Points Payout
1 Sean Winter 200 $151,200
2 David Peters 140 $100,800
3 Seth Davies 100 $67,200
4 Ben Lamb 80 $42,000
5 Ben Yu 60 $33,600
6 Stephen Chidwick 40 $25,200

Sean Winter now leads the overall standings by a healthy margin over Stephen Chidwick with other event winners Jordan Cristos and Lauren Roberts just one more big run away from contending for the top spot.

“Right now, I don’t really want to do anything else but play these events. When you’ve got a nice hot streak going you just want to keep it going. This is the most fun poker gets.”

2019 U.S Poker Open Championship Standing After Event #4
Name Points Prize Money
1 Sean Winter (4) 440 $419,900
2 Stephen Chidwick (3) 340 $354,950
3 Jordan Cristos (2) 240 $206,200
4 Lauren Roberts 200 $218,400
5 Manig Loeser (2) 180 $146,200
6 Koray Aldemir 140 $159,200
7 David Peters 140 $100,800
8 Seth Davies (2) 140 $94,500
9 Joseph Cheong 100 $112,500
10 Martin Zamani 100 $83,200

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David Peters Eliminated in 2nd Place ($100,800)

David Peters was eliminated in second place and will take home $100,800 for his finish. Peters managed to double during heads up and crack the aces of Sean Winter, but Winter continued to press his advantage and gain an even bigger lead.

A few hands before the final hand, the board read and Sean Winter raised all in to put David Peters all in when he shoved with . Peters folded and Winter left Peters with 2,810,000 behind.

The final hand saw Winter shoved with and Peters call with .

The board ran out and Peters was eliminated. Winter, who was already in the lead on the U.S. Poker Open leaderboard, took home the Event #4 title and the 200 points to extend his lead over defending champion Stephen Chidwick.

Player   Chips Change
Sean Winter 12,600,000 4,580,000
David Peters Busted -4,580,000


Level 23


0 / 0

Big Blind Ante


Winter Pulls Away, Peters Claws Back

Sean Winter started to widen the gap between him and David Peters in heads up play, but Peters got a little back when both players limped preflop.

The flop came and Winter checked. Peters bet 165,000 with . Winter called with .

The turn was the and Winter checked again. Peters bet 640,000 and Winter mucked.

Player   Chips Change
Sean Winter 8,020,000 1,480,000
David Peters 4,580,000 -1,480,000

Peters Doubles to Almost Even Stacks

Sean Winter limped with and David Peters shoved his last 3,400,000 with and Winter called.

The board ran out and Peters doubled up with a flush.

Player   Chips Change
Sean Winter 6,540,000 -2,550,000
David Peters 6,060,000 2,550,000


Level 22


0 / 0

Big Blind Ante


Sean Winter Leads USPO Watch It All on PokerGO

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Seth Davies Eliminated in 3rd Place ($67,200)

Seth Davies limped with and Sean Winter raised all in with , having Davies covered. Davies called putting himself at risk but held the best hand.

The board ran out and Winter flopped two pair to take the lead. He held on and eliminated Davies in third place giving Winter the top spot in the USPO overall standings and giving Davies $67,200 in winnings.


Player   Chips Change
Sean Winter 9,090,000 3,585,000
David Peters 3,510,000 -60,000
Seth Davies Busted -3,525,000

Updated Chip Counts

Player   Chips Change
Sean Winter 5,505,000 120,000
David Peters 3,570,000 215,000
Seth Davies 3,525,000 -590,000

Davies Moves Up

Sean Winter opened to 400,000 with and Seth Davies called on the button with .

The flop came and both players checked.

Both players checked through the turn and the river and Davies collected the pot on the completed board.

Player   Chips Change
Sean Winter 5,385,000 -1,540,000
Seth Davies 4,115,000 1,165,000
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