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Super High Roller Bowl

Super High Roller Bowl V Satellite



0 / 0

players remaining





10,000 USD

Prize Pool

250,000 USD

Starting stack


Average stack


Larry Wright Wins on the Turn

Larry Wright raised the button 25,000 and Adrian Mateos called in the big blind.

Both players checked the flop to see the land on the turn.

Mateos checked, Wright bet 32,000, and Mateos folded.

Dominik Nitsche Takes the Chip Lead

Dominik Nitsche limped the small blind and Igor Kurganov checked his option to see a flop.

Nitsche checked, Kurganov bet 12,000, and Nitsche check-raised to 30,000.

Kurganov called, and when the turn landed the , Nitsche led out for 90,000 and Kurganov folded.

Dominik Nitsche Wins on the Turn

Dominik Nitsche raised in the cutoff to 25,000, and Michael Song called from the big blind.

The flop landed and Song checked to Nitsche who bet 20,000. Song called, and the turn landed the .

Song checked, Nitsche bet 75,000, and Song waved the white flag and mucked.


Level 14


6,000 / 12,000

Big Blind Ante


Igor Kurganov Bets Out Michael Song

From the button, Igor Kurganov opened to 23,000 and Michael Song called from the big blind.

Song checked the flop to Kurganov who continued for 15,000. Song called, and then both players checked the on the turn.

The river fell the and Song checked over to Kurganov who bet 36,000. Song used his full allotment of free time before folding.

Chop It Up

The action folded round to Adrian Mateos on the button, and he raised to 22,000.

Igor Kurganov defended his big blind, and the flop landed and both players checked.

The turn fell the and Kurganov checked to Mateos who bet 32,000. Kurganov called, and then both players checked the on the river.

Kurganov tabled his for a wheel, and Mateos revealed his for the same straight, and the pot was chopped up.

The Best of Super High Roller Bowl 2018

Right now on PokerGO you can watch the highlights of the Super High Roller Bowl from earlier this year. Sign into your PokerGO account in the player below and watch Justin Bonomo’s journey towards $5,000,000 and the championship ring.

Dominik Nitsche Shoves River on Igor Kurganov

Igor Kurganov raised to 23,000 from under the gun and Dominik Nitsche defended his big blind.

Both players checked the flop to reveal the on the turn.

Nitsche led out for 60,000 and Kurganov called as the river landed the .

Nitsche announced he was all in for 131,000, and after some thought, Kurganov folded.


Level 13



Big Blind Ante


Super High Roller Cash Game | Attenborough Picks Off Berkey’s Bluff

While you’re enjoying the live reporting on the Super High Roller Bowl V Sattelite, here’s a video to remind you of the Super High Roller Cash Game that played out earlier this week.

Inside the PokerGO Studio, a stacked lineup battled in a $200/$400 No Limit Hold’em cash game of which this was one of the most memorable hands between Matt Berkey and Adrian Attenborough.

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