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Super High Roller Bowl V

Heads-Up Play Underway

Super High Roller Bowl V

Isaac Haxton and Alex Foxen have re-taken their seats at the final table, and heads-up play in Super High Roller Bowl V is now underway.

The winner will take home $3,672,000, while second place will receive $2,160,000.

Heads-Up Chip Counts

Isaac Haxton and Alex Foxen are now heads up in Super High Roller Bowl V.

For whoever can claim victory, a $3,672,000 first prize awaits along with the Super High Roller Bowl ring.

The PokerGO Studio production team are currently re-configuring the final table as Haxton and Foxen go on a short break.

When play resumes, there will be 42:28 remaining in the level.

Player   Chips Change
Alex Foxen 5,840,000
Isaac Haxton 4,965,000

Stephen Chidwick Eliminated in 3rd Place ($1,512,000)

Stephen Chidwick

Stephen Chidwick raised to 500,000 and Isaac Haxton three-bet to 1,000,000 out of the small blind. Chidwick moved all in for 1,010,000 and Haxton quickly called.

It was a race for Chidwick’s tournament life with his up against Haxton’s .

The flop was and Haxton flopped top set to leave Chidwick drawing to runners for Broadway. The turn was the , which left Chidwick drawing dead to the river card. Chidwick hit the rail in third and earned $1.512 million for his efforts.

Haxton won the pot and took the chip lead into heads-up play against Alex Foxen.

Player   Chips Change
Isaac Haxton 5,840,000 1,010,000
Stephen Chidwick Busted -1,010,000

Isaac Haxton Clips Alex Foxen

Alex Foxen raised to 160,000 on the button holding and Isaac Haxton defended the big blind with .

The flop landed and Haxton checked to Foxen who bet 140,000. Haxton called, and when the turn landed the , he checked once more.

Foxen cut out a bet of 480,000 and Haxton called as the completed the board on the river.

Both players checked, and Haxton’s nines-up collected the pot.

Player   Chips Change
Alex Foxen 5,630,000 780,000
Isaac Haxton 4,405,000 810,000

Talal Shakerchi Eliminated in 4th Place ($1,118,000)

Talal Shakerchi

Isaac Haxton raised to 140,000 from under the gun and Talal Shakerchi moved all in for 1,285,000. Haxton quickly called.


The flop was and Shakerchi picked up a gutshot straight draw to go with his overcards. The turn was the and the river was the .

Shakerchi missed everything and was eliminated in fourth place for $1.188 million.

Player   Chips Change
Isaac Haxton 3,595,000 1,235,000
Talal Shakerchi Busted -1,235,000


Level 21



Big Blind Ante


Chip Counts on the Break

Player   Chips Change
Alex Foxen 6,440,000
Isaac Haxton 2,160,000
Talal Shakerchi 1,285,000
Stephen Chidwick 920,000