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Super High Roller Bowl V

Isaac Haxton Running Away from Alex Foxen

Isaac Haxton

Alex Foxen raised his button to 150,000 holding and Isaac Haxton called from the big blind holding .

The flop landed and Haxton checked over to Foxen who continued with a bet of 235,000. Haxton called and then checked the that landed on the turn.

Foxen cut out a bet of 515,000, and Haxton called as the completed the board on the river.

Haxton checked for a third time and Foxen announced a bet of 1,400,000.

Foxen pushed two stacks of chips forward, and Haxton responded by first re-checking his hole cards and then announcing he was all in. Foxen immediately folded, and Haxton soared out to greater then six-to-one advantage.

Player   Chips Change
Isaac Haxton 9,340,000 2,300,000
Alex Foxen 1,465,000 2,300,000