Through the Lens: The Return of Dolly’s Game

Doyle Brunson brings Mixed Game action back to PokerGO

High stakes mixed action returned to the PokerGO Studio this week with Dolly’s Game. Monday’s opening lineup consisted of Doyle Brunson, Richard Sklar, Shaun Deeb, Kane Kalas, Eli Elezra, Anthony Alberto, and Alan Richardson. Kalas had the most profitable night, but no one strayed too far in either direction from their initial buy-in. Tuesday’s finale will feature the same lineup, so make sure you tune into PokerGO to see if anyone can pull away from the pack! Here is a look back at some images from last night’s session.

Whether its at the final table against the best players in the world, or the middle of a twitter argument, Shaun Deeb has remained a relevant name in poker for the better half of a decade. A contender in any variation of the game, Deeb has secured his place as one of the best players in the world. Last night in the game Deeb booked a small win, but will be back tonight as he tries to track down a big winning session.
Anthony Alberto has made a name for himself in the high stakes cash scene, playing in some of the biggest games that run in Las Vegas. Alberto will be back in tonight’s line up, as you can be sure he will not only be mixing it up in pots, but also with props throughout the session.
A look at last nights lineup in the PokerGO Studio.
It’s called Dolly’s Game for the reason, as The Godfather himself built the game. It’s always remarkable to me to see Doyle still joking around, and playing in these massive games. Despite his age, Doyle remains one of the sharpest minds in the game.
Last night marked the debut for Kane Kalas in Dolly’s Game, and what a debut it was. Kalas walked away the nights biggest winner, booking a profit of just over $20,000. Kalas has a history of running fairly well in live streamed games, as he won the largest televised pot back in May, for nearly $2.1 million!
Two of the more colorful personalities in the game, Richard Sklar and Eli Elezra, take a peak at Sklar’s hand.