Through the Lens: Lim & Kuo Dominate Night One

Big personalities and bigger stacks headlined the “Femme Fatale II” opener

“Femme Fatale ll” hit PokerGO last night and there was plenty of action to accompany the Poker After Dark debuts of a few new faces. Kym Lim and Kitty Kuo walked away the biggest winners, while newcomer Denise Pratt not only brought action, but plenty of entertainment. She took a few jabs at each player and got a few laughs during the course of the first $25/$50 cash game. Here is a look back at some of my favorite images from the first night of action and be sure to check out the second of “Femme Fatale II” cash game Tuesday at 6pm EST only on PokerGO!

Elica Lemann was one of the new faces that debuted in yesterday’s game. In one of the more notable hands of the night, Lemann felted Denise Pratt when she flopped top pair and got it in against Pratt’s ace high. Lemann will be returning tonight to see if she can walk away the week’s big winner. 
Kitty Kuo is known for having one of the best Twitter accounts in the game and definitely brought her own sense of humor to the felt last night. Often tangling in verbal sparring matches with Denise Pratt, Kuo definitely got the better end of the battle. She ended as one of the big winners, despite a few “mistakes.” Any time Kitty felt she made a mistake, she would plead for her “coaches” to not judge her on the stream. Definitely one of the more entertaining figures in poker, its always a pleasure being able to watch Kitty play. 
Danielle “dmoongirl” Anderson is a household name. The Vegas pro has been a figure in the online and live cash game scene for years, including a feature role in the Black Friday documentary “Bet, Raise, Fold.” Anderson was a small winner during the first “Femme Fatale II” game, but expect her to turn things up tonight.
Cheers! The ladies toast to night one of Femme Fatale with a couple jalapeño margaritas.
Denise Pratt cannot watch as she is all-in and at risk against Kitty Kuo. The two ended up chopping the pot so there was no blood, but it sure was entertaining to watch! 
Kitty Kuo’s tower of chips from last nights session. 
Farah Galfond gave one of the more entertaining interviews of the night, as she broke down everything from Brent Hanks twitter account, to her new life as a mom, and her return to the felt.