Through the Lens: A Bundle of Words, An Abundance of Chips

The latest Poker After Dark session featured tons of talk and big pots

Tuesday hosted the second “Run It Once” Pot Limit Omaha session on Poker After Dark! The legendary Phil Galfond was the night’s biggest winner and Randall Emmett again proved he has the one of the biggest personalities in poker. What some people could describe as “spewing,” Emmett made sure to get in his needles in as often as he could. At one point, the Hollywood Producer was stuck well over $20,000, but he managed to claw his way back and finished the session almost in the black. George James also bounced back from a rough start to book a win.

Heres a collection of some of my favorite images from last night’s Poker After Dark session!

For the brief moment Randall Emmet ran out of words, he found props. Emmett made a few trips away from the felt to pluck what he could from the Poker After Dark set, including this old school scale, that temporarily held his chips. He also found some props on the felt, including a last longer bet in this year’s WSOP Main Event with a few of last nights players including Dylan Linde, and Phil Galfond. 
During an interview with Poker Central’s Brent Hanks, Emmett also discussed his upcoming film “The Irishman.” Emmett, a producer on the star studded film, dubbed the movie as his best ever, as he broke down what it was like working alongside names such as Martin Scorcese, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci.
The man behind the brand. Phil Galfond is a household name in the industry at this point, recently making headlines for launching his new poker site, Galfond returned to his roots last night however, splashing around in the PLO game. Despite a decent layoff from live poker, Galfond put on a clinic last night. 
Fresh off his nomination for Tournament Performance of the Year at the Global Poker Awards, Dylan Linde also joined the fray the past two nights. Linde took down the 2018 WPT Five Diamond Classic last year, defeating the other 1,000 players to take home over $1,600,000. Linde returned some that to the poker community the past few nights however, as he was unable to book a win.
A look at the Poker After Dark set in the PokerGO studio. 
Joey Ingram was involved in plenty of hands in last nights session, but was unable to gain any traction as the Pot Limit Omaha advocate had a hard time connecting with any flops. Ingram was open about the nerves associated with playing on Poker After Dark for the first time. Ingram won $7,850 on night number one, but after dropping $8,825 in last nights session, he would walk away down $975 after two days playing the great game.