Top 10 Poker Movies

best poker movies

There’s nothing a poker fan enjoys more than the drama and excitement of a poker movie. Over the years, many Hollywood films have attempted to create great films around the game of poker. But what are the best poker movies? And which poker films are ones that fold before the

Poker Central to Launch Two New PokerGO Series – The Championship Run & Run it Back with Remko

New PokerGO Series

Poker Central today announced that its direct-to-consumer OTT subscription service, PokerGO, will launch two new original series: “The Championship Run” and “Run it Back with Remko.” “The Championship Run” will premiere on Friday, March 27th and will be available on-demand beginning at 12pm ET, while “Run it Back with Remko”

History of Poker

History of Poker

The history of poker is one that has more twists than a bad beat story between friends. Looking for the origins of poker, the history of poker is rumored to have started in France, as well as on the Mississippi riverboats in the United States of America. But what is

The Ups and Downs of Chino Rheem

David 'Chino' Rheem

Some poker legends are thrust into the spotlight with a high-profile win that defines them. Others grind up the levels of buy-in slowly and surely. David 'Chino' Rheem fits into neither category and is one of the most unique characters in the game we all love. Whether you know him

Phil Ivey Folds the Winning Hand!

Everyone remembers when Phil Ivey folded the winning hand during his 2009 Main Event run and a decade later he did it again! Ivey made his low and then folded when he was guaranteed at least half the pot in a pivotal $50,000 buy-in Poker Players Championship hand. At the time,