Romero Wins 12 Million Pot with No Flop

James Romero opened for 1,600,000 preflop with [jhjc]. Over to button Weijie Zheng with [Asqd] - he repopped it to 5,200,000.  Action back on Romero, who moved in for 32,600,000.  Zheng understandably used a timebank card, but declined to call and make what would have been the biggest pot of

Zheng and Hardcastle in the Ring

Weijie Zheng and Jack Hardcastle make for aggressive and tricksy neighbours on the feature table.  Both equipped with towering stacks and the willingness to put them to use, an illustrative example happened when it folded round to them on the blinds. Small blind Zheng raised to 1,600,000, big blind Hardcastle called. 

Nicholas Romanello Busts in 21st Place

Nicholas Romanello's deep run in the Main Event has come to an end in 21st place.  All in preflop again, looking for a triple through this time, he was flat called preflop by Weijie Zheng (in full disguise mode) and big blind Robert Heidorn. Romanello: [ad7s] Zheng: [Kdkc] Heidorn: [9h3h] Zheng checked back the


As the tables break and redistribute their players, start-of-day chip leader Weijie Zheng has landed on Table 34 with a stack of 30 million - neck and neck now with Anton Suarez. His new line-up, and their updated stacks: Table  Seat Player Chips 34 1 Per Siden 3,650,000 34 2 Alex Keating 3,700,000 34 3 James Clarke 7,600,000 34 4 Usman Ulhaq 6,200,000 34 5 Fabrizio Gonzalez 7,600,000 34 6 Weijie Zheng 30,000,000 34 7 Mikolaj Zawadzki 10,450,000 34 8 Jiayu Ruan 9,600,000

Kings vs. Tens Bust Taysi but Double Chadha

At almost exactly the same time, two hands were dealt that involved exactly the same preflop match-up: pocket kings vs. pocket tens.  The first saw a shortish stacked Muktar Taysi all in preflop with [kxkx] vs. monster stacked Weijie Zheng's [tcts].  The board ran out safe until it didn't -

Zheng Joins Chip Leaders

Last year's Irish Open winner Weijie Jervi Zheng has been on a roll on Day 2 of the Main Event, increasing his already table-leading stack just now at the expense of Yiannis Liperis, also in the top 15 in chips.  We caught the action on the turn, the board lying

10 Million Chips Next To Each Other

Two giant stacks are being wielded by neighbours Jiushuang Wang and Weijie "Jervi" Zheng, and there have been a few small skirmishes between them but major fireworks are possible in the near future. It was Gary Banks, however, who gave Wang his most recent little pot, having defended his big blind