Weijie Zheng Eliminated in 6th Place ($170,000)

It folded round to small blind Weijie Zheng, who opted to pull the trigger, all in for 38,400,000 with [7s5d].  Big blind Christoph Rudolph picked up [ah8d]; given the size of the shove he used a couple of timebank cards but did make the call in the end. By the

Double for Romero

Weijie Zheng raised preflop from the hijack with [ksqh]. It folded round to big blind James Romero, with [asjd]. He moved all in for 35,000,000 total (around 18 big blinds) and Zheng called with barely a blink. The board ran out [acqd4d8d8c], boosting Romero's stack back to about its start-of-day level.

Rudolph First to Top 100 Million Chips

Christian Rudolph called Weijie Zheng's button raise (with [7c7s] in the big blind with [ahjx], seeing a flop of [th5h5d].  Both players checked, and the [as] fell on the turn.  Rudolph checked his pair of aces and Zheng fired 3,000,000, which he called.  The river double paired the board with

Final Day Players: Seating and Chips

Day 3 is a wrap! Tomorrow's final day will see these dozen players, led (just) by James Romero, return to play to the final table and beyond from noon (live stream and updates commencing at 1pm). One of them will become the 2020 MILLIONS UK $10,300 Main Event champion, winning $1,000,000

Heidorn Immediately Follows Chien to Rail in 13th ($50,000)

Robert Heidorn, nursing an extremely short stack for over an orbit, went all in right after seeing the back of Peter Chien - for just 2,300,000 - after Jack Hardcastle's preflop open to 2,200,000 with [qx9s].  Big blind Weijie Zheng came along for the ride with [jd7h] as far as

Zheng Takes Around a Third of Chien’s Chips

A strange hand played out starting with an under the gun raise by Weijie Zheng to 1,800,000 with [qdqh], called by big blind-defending Peter Chien with [qs6s]. Flop: [ts9d8h]. Chien slowly check-called 2,000,000 from Zheng. Turn: [Qc]. Another deliberate check, and another call of another 2,000,000. River: [4s].  Chien checked again and this