Biggest Pot of Heads Up Goes To Chan

A call, check combo started the most recent big hand, Phua making up the 120,000 with [Ah6d], Wai Leong Chan checking [Jc9d] on the button. Both players checked the [Js7sTs] flop, but action picked up on the [6h] turn.  Phua check-raised Chan's bet of 225,000 to 825,000, looking to pick up

Chan Edges Ahead

Wai Leong Chan has edged a little more of a lead, his most recent hand won courtesy of pressure applied in position.  Seeing a flop of [qd8d8h] with [AdJh] vs. Paul Phua with [9d9c], Chan bet 350,000 when it was checked to him.  Phua called here, but gave up when

Chan Alternates Betting and Trap-Checking

Despite the Short Deck format, neither of the last two players have been picking up strong preflop holdings - or if they do, they receive no action.  Similarly, making a strong hand post-flop has not been rewarding for either of them as each time their opponent has failed to a)

Little Change Stackwise as Heads Up Continues Cagily

Hands proceed apace, small pots shuttling back and forth, rarely getting past a flop and including the odd walk here and there.  Both players are playing around 100 antes deep and are getting in around as many small pots per level as are possible live. One recent preflop three-bet from Wai

Limp-Reraise Pre Wins One for Phua

Quick fire, small pot action for the most part at the start of the heads up phase of the final.  One recent hand saw Paul Phua limp with [AhQd], then three-bet to 1,400,000 when button Wai Leong Chan made it 375,000 to go with [Js6h], picking up the pot.

Thai Ha Loses Flush Over Flush on the River: 3rd for $213,500

Thai Ha has followed Ivan Leow almost immediately to the rail after a big pot vs. Wai Leong Chan.  Cutoff Ha limp-called button Chan's preflop raise with [Jh9h] (Chan held [AhKh]) to see a flop of [8sTh7c].  Both players checked (Ha first to act with a flopped nut straight). The turn:

Chan and Ha Vie for Chip Lead

Chip leader Wai Leong Chan (who'd snuck just in front of Thai Ha in the last few minutes) raised to 325,000 under the gun with [AdQd], called by second in chips Ha with [JcJh] and button Danny Tang (with 1.2 million behind) holding [QsTs]. Flop: [JdTcAc].  Chan bet out 550,000 and

Sometimes It’s the Front Door That You Hit

After a couple of limped family pots that got no further than the flop and a single bet, everyone but Danny Tang called for 60,000 to see a flop of [AsJdTs].  First to act Paul Phua, having flopped bottom two pair with [JhTh], checked.  Ivan Leow bet 125,000 with the

Phua Doubles Through Chan

It folded to Wai Leong Chan in the cutoff, who set new short stack Paul Phua all in with [AsJh] for 820,000.  After a short pause, Phua announced, "Call!" and turned over a dominated [KcJs].  He'd improved to a full house after the [JcQdKsJd6h] run-out, however, and Chan took his

First Sizeable Pot to Phua

"No walks," said Paul Phua, making up the 50,000 in the cutoff with [8h9c].  Wai Leong Chan checked his option with [Ts8c].  Both players flopped gutshots on the [7c7hJh] flop; Chan check-called a bet of 65,000 from Phua.  The turn brought Phua's straight in with the [9s] and this time