Reixach Hoped for Triple Up; Found the Rail

Sergi Reixach found an open button and moved all in with [Kd5d] for 37,000 (six big blinds).  Both small blind Vicent Bosca Ramon, with [Qh9h] and big blind Luc Greenwood, with [KhJs], made the call. Reixach must have been delighted with his chances for a triple up as the flop of

Kenney Busts, Despite “So Many Outs”

Bryn Kenney raised in late position to 13,000 (86,000 behind) with [7c8c], then called a threebet from small blind Vicent Bosca, who held [AsKd].  The flop brought every draw imaginable for Kenney, who called when Bosca set him all in, but missed the lot of them as the turn and

Reixach On “Not How You Win Chips”

Sergi Reixach called a min-raise from Vicent Bosca Ramon on the button with [QsJs] after a call from Jason Koon (holding [KhQd] in the cutoff.  All three players checked the [4hAc6s] flop, which Bosca alone had hit with his [AdQh]. The [Ks] turn brought something for both of Bosca's opponents; this