Tommie Janssen Eliminated

Tommie Janssen, who was amongst the bigger stacks ending Day 1a but who lost aces to kings earlier today, has been eliminated. According to table mate Freek Scholten, Janssen got it in with pocket sevens for his last 800,000 from the hijack against the button's [AxKx]. A board of [Qx8x6x] [Jx]

Janssen Loses a Seven-Million Pot, Moscon Now Leads

"I just lost a seven-million pot," Dutchman Tommie Janssen said. Janssen, who had an excellent Day 1a and ended as one of the bigger stacks, told us about the clash with Gustavo Omar Moscon who started the day with a little over 3 million in chips. In a four-bet pot, with Janssen

Janssen With the Flush

When we got to the table, Tommie Janssen was seen betting 660,000 on a board of [AcJc6c] [Tc] [4h]. His opponent didn't waste too much time calling, but mucked right away upon being shown [4c3c] by Janssen.

Janssen On the Big Stack

Tommie Janssen's table was broken, so he was packing his chips and making his way to a new table. It was then that we discovered the Dutchman had a ton of them, 3.6 million to be exact. According to Janssen, the biggest pot he won so far today was one of