Tom Marchese Eliminated in 3rd Place ($156,000)

Cary Katz limped the button with [KcQs6s3c] and Tom Marchese raised the pot to 240,000 and Katz called. The flop came [Jc9h4h] and Marchese was first to act. There was 600,000 in the pot and Marchese made it a pot bet to go with [QhQcJs5s]. Katz reraised to get the rest

Marchese Doubles Through Zinno

Anthony Zinno raised to 90,000 on the button with [AsJs4d3c] and Tom Marchese reraised to 285,000 with [AdAhQd6s]. Zinno reraised to get Marchese's remaining stack into the pot and the two were heads up for Marchese's tournament life. The board ran out [Td7d5cAc3s] and Marchese won the pot and left Zinno

Chidwick Looking to Retake USPO Lead at Event #6 Final Table

Stephen Chidwick is now the only player besides Sean Winter to make four final tables at the 2019 U.S. Poker Open. Chidwick is currently sitting 100 points behind Winter. He will tie Winter for the lead with a third-place finish. As for today, Chidwick enters as the chip leader with