Todd Ivens Doubles Through Sam Soverel

Todd Ivens was all in for his last 152,000 holding [QdQs] against Sam Soverel and his [KhQh]. The board ran out [TsQc9cAdKs] and Ivens secured the double.

Dan Shak Doubles Through Todd Ivens

Todd Ivens and Jonathan Depa limped in before Dan Shak moved all in for 97,000. Ivens shoved over the top for 183,000, and Depa folded. Ivens: [AcJd] Shak: [KcKd] The board ran out [Tc7c6hQs8d] and Shak secured the double.

Sean Winter Raises the Turn on Todd Ivens

Todd Ivens limped in and Sean Winter made it 30,000 to go. Ivens called, and then both players checked the [9dJc9s] flop. The turn fell the [6h] and Ivens led for 32,000. Winter raised to 85,000, and after using a time extension, Ivens folded.

Todd Ivens Doubles Through Dan Shak

Sean Winter limped in, as did Dan Shak and Ben Yu, before Todd Ivens raised to 35,000 in the cutoff. Winter, Shak, and Yu all called as the flop landed [Qs8h8c] and action checked through. The turn fell the [Kh] and Shak bet his remaining 149,000 as Ivens looked him up

Dan Shak Collects One on the River

Todd Ivens limped in first to act, and Dan Shak called in the cutoff. Ben Yu checked the button, and the [7dQs6d] flop checked through to reveal the [As] on the turn. Ivens bet 4,000 and Shak called as Yu folded. The river fell the [7s] and Ivens checked. Shak bet

Kings for Ben Yu

Ben Yu called in early position, and both Todd Ivens and Manig Loeser followed suit as Sean Winter checked on the button. The [QhTsQs9c9d] board checked through to the river and Yu tabled his [KcKd]. "What you limping in with?" Winter asked. Winter then flashes his [Ac] and said, "I could have got

Todd Ivens Eliminated by Chance Kornuth

Todd Ivens limped the cutoff and Chance Kornuth raised to 18,000 on the button. Jonathan Depa called in the big blind, as did Ivens. The flop landed [3s2h9h] and Depa and Ivens checked to Kornuth who bet 20,000. Depa folded, and after using a time extension, Ivens moved all in for