Top Hands from the WSOP Europe €250K Super High Roller

Over the next two weeks, six WSOP bracelets will be awarded from King's Casino in Rozvadov. While exclusive coverage of the 2019 World Series of Poker Europe continues on PokerGO, we're breaking down the biggest hands from every stream starting with the €250K Super High Roller. Neither player made Day 2,

Timothy Adams Eliminated in 9th Place

Christoph Vogelsang had [2s2d] and Stephen Chidwick three-bet to [AsAc]. Timothy Adams, holding [9c9h], four-bet all-in for 283,000, and when Vogelsang got out of the way, Chidwick snap-called with the rockets. The board of [4s4dJs8dKh] saw Chidwick double with ease and Timothy Adams slide down to just four big blinds. Chidwick made

Vogelsang and Adams Pushed Off the Turn

Christoph Vogelsang made it 8,000 with [AcQd] and Cary Katz made the call with [Ah3h], with Timothy Adams completing from the big blind with [6c5c]. The flop of [4sTh2d] actually helped both of Vogelsang's opponents, although it kept him the favorite to win the hand. The turn card of [9h] gave

Katz Turns a Draw Into The Winning Hand

Stephen Chidwick made it 9,000 pre-flop with [9c9s] and was called by Timothy Adams with [6h6d] and Cary Katz with [5c2c]. The flop came [Jd3c4s] and Katz took the betting lead with the open-ended straight draw, making it 11,000 more. Both Adams and Chidwick made the call. The turn card of [7d] saw

Vogelsang Fills Up Before the Break

Christoph Vogelsang raised to 6,000 with [2h2d] Cary Katz made the call with [AcTc] and the two men were heads-up to a flop of [2cQh9d]. Vogelsang c-bet 6,000 and got a quick call from Katz. The turn card of [9s] prompted a quick check from Katz. Vogelsang bet 18,000 with the full

Bryn Kenney Eliminated in 11th Place

Bryn Kenney raised to 7,000 and Timothy Adams three-bet to 27,000. The action folded bak to Kenney who moved all in for his last 153,000 and Adams called. Kenney: [5c5h] Adams: [AdKd] The board ran out [KhQdKcJd3h] and Kenney was eliminated in 11th place from SHRB London.

Adams Takes Plenty from Eibinger

Timothy Adams raised to 6,000 with [JhJc] and Matthias Eibinger called with [Qh9s]. The flop was a dramatic one, coming [Qc8hJd] to give Eibinger top pair and a gutshot straight draw, but seeing Adams flop middle set. Adams c-bet 6,500, but Eibinger check-raised to 21,000. Adams clearly wasn't going to fold and

Flush-Over-Flush Goes to Christoph Vogelsang

Timothy Adams limped the small blind and Christoph Vogelsang checked the big blind. The flop landed [3cTcAc] and Adams bet 7,500 and Vogelsang called. The turn fell the [4c] and Adams now checked. Vogelsang bet 9,000, and Adams check-raised to 26,000. Vogelsang called as the [4s] completed the board on the river. Adams bet

Set for Cary Katz

Matthias Eibinger raised to 5,000 from under the gun and Timothy Adams called in the cutoff, as did Cary Katz in the big blind. The [3h8hQs] flop checked through to reveal the [Th] on the turn. Katz led out for 15,000 and Eibinger called as Adams folded. The river fell the [2s]