Kahle Burns vs. Tim McDermott

Pot-Limit Omaha From the button, Kahle Burns raised to 5,500 and Tim McDermott three-bet to 18,000 in the small blind. Burns called, and then both players checked through the [8h2h9c] flop. The turn landed the [7s], and after McDermott checked, Burns bet 26,000. McDermott called, and the river landed the [6c]. McDermott checked, Burns

Ryan Laplante Leads Event #2 Final Table

The second event of the 2019 Poker Masters saw the game switched to Pot-Limit Omaha as 62-entrants took a seat inside the PokerGO Studio. After 17 full levels of play, Ryan Laplante finished as the chip leader with 2,540,000 in chips heading into Wednesday’s PokerGO streamed Event #2 final table. After

Tim McDermott vs. Ryan Laplante

Tim McDermott opened to 20,000 from under the gun, and Ryan Laplante defended his big blind. The flop landed [5s9hQh] and Laplante checked. McDermott continued for 32,000, and Laplante flashed his [6c6d5d] and mucked.

McDermott Shoves on Blumstein

Tim McDermott, no relation to Mike but he does share his birthday with Doyle Brunson as he told us, just shoved on Scott Blumstein to rake in a nice pot. On a flop showing [As6c7h] McDermott checked to Blumstein who bet 15,000 and McDermott called. The turn brought the [Jd] and McDermott