Phil Ivey Saves The Best for Last on PokerGO

THE VAULT is home for classic Poker After Dark episodes and the "$200,000 Cash Game" is as legendary as it gets. Now available on PokerGO is a $400/$800 No Limit Hold'em game with a lineup full of sharks looking to cannibalize each other. This episode is yet another among the group of never

Peak Mike Matusow Hits PokerGO

Poker After Dark is the home to many "Dream Tables" with the format being used in Seasons 3,4, and 5. The final variation of the table dimension comes in Season 7 with the "20K Wish List." Amateur Mike Dappen has his pick of five poker pros to play with and

Get Boosted With Justin Smith on PokerGO

Classic Poker After Dark episodes make their return to PokerGO this week with another worldwide premiere of a never before seen episode. The second half of the $100,000 cash game lives up to the billing with the second-half of the game's clash of generations now available inside THE VAULT. Phil Hellmuth and