Thai Ha Eliminated in 8th Place

Thai Ha is all in for 173,000 from the cutoff, and Ben Yu isolates shoving for 1,500,000. Yu: [AdJs] Ha: [QdJh] The board ran out [JdQh8d7dKd] and Yu's ace-high flush eliminated Ha in eighth place.

Thai Ha Triples; Todd Ivens Wins Side Pot; Dan Shak Eliminated

Both Dan Shak and Thai Ha found themselves all in against Todd Ivens. Ha: [KhJh] Shak: [AdQc] Ivens: [AhKc] The board ran out [9hAc8h7hJs] and Ha turned a flush and won the main pot for a triple up, while Ivens eliminated Shak and took the side pot.

Thai Ha Forced to Add-On by Anthony Zinno

Thai Ha and three others limped in before Anthony Zinno made it 108,000 from his button. Ha shoved for 189,000, and as the three players in the middle folded, Zinno called. Ha: [JhJs] Zinno: [AdAc] The board ran out [6d6h8cKcKd] and Zinno collected the pot and forced Ha to add-on.

Ryan Laplante Leads Event #2 Final Table

The second event of the 2019 Poker Masters saw the game switched to Pot-Limit Omaha as 62-entrants took a seat inside the PokerGO Studio. After 17 full levels of play, Ryan Laplante finished as the chip leader with 2,540,000 in chips heading into Wednesday’s PokerGO streamed Event #2 final table. After

Kings for Chance Kornuth

Chance Kornuth limped in from the hijack and Thai Ha raised to 80,000 on the button. Action folded back to Kornuth, and he called before both players checked the [4c2h6s] flop. The turn landed the [8h] and Kornuth bet out 75,000. Ha called, and when the river landed the [9s], both players

Thai Ha Extends Chip Lead with Flop Lead

Thai Ha raised to 50,000 from under the gun and Damjan Radanov called next to act. Ryan Laplante raised pot to 230,000 from the hijack, and both Ha and Radanov called. The flop landed [9d8cJc] and Ha announced a bet of 450,000. Radanov mucked, and Laplante showed his [Qh8d] and then