Steve Zolotow Eliminated by Sean Winter

Action folded to Sean Winter in the cutoff, and he opened to 12,000. Action folded to Steve Zolotow, and he moved all-in for his last 15,000. Winter called. Winter: [QsJd] Zolotow: [6s5c] The board ran out [Ks8c3d6cJc], and Winter rivered a pair of jacks to eliminate Zolotow.

Joseph Sanders Pressures Steve Zolotow

Steve Zolotow raised to 30,000 from under the gun and both Adam Hendrix and Joseph Sanders called in the blinds. The flop landed [5s6d4d] and Sanders led out for 60,000 and only Zolotow called. The turn fell the [8h] and Sanders used a time extension and then bet 125,000. Zolotow mucked.

Jared Bleznick Raises the Turn

Steve Zolotow limped in from under the gun and Christopher Usude raised to 25,000 next to act. Jared Bleznick called next to speak, and Zolotow came along. The [7cQc9d] flop checked through to reveal the [6d] on the turn. Zolotow checked and Usude bet 40,000. Bleznick raised to 130,000 and both Zolotow

Steve Zolotow vs. Jared Bleznick

Jared Bleznick limped from under the gun and Jim Collopy called in the small blind. Steve Zolotow raised pot from the big blind for 40,000 and only Bleznick called. The [Js2sQcQd4d] board checked through to the river where Zolotow bet 30,000 and Bleznick folded.

Steve Zolotow Eliminates Anthony Zinno, Doubles Through Jim Collopy

With a flop reading [JsTs4c], Anthony Zinno and Steve Zolotow were all in, and Jim Collopy had called. Zinno: [Kd4dTc2h] Zolotow: [AhQhKc9h] Collopy: [AdJd5s3d] The board ran out [8d] on the turn, and when the [7c] completed the board on the river, Zolotow made a straight to eliminate Zinno while also doubling through Collopy.

Steve Zolotow Extends His Lead

Limit Hold'em Steve Zolotow raised to 80,000 and Nick Guagenti three-bet from the button to 120,000. Both blinds folded and Zolotow made the call. The flop brought out [3h3c5s] and Zolotow check-called 40,000. On the turn, the [4c] hit, and Zolotow checked to Guagenti who bet 80,000 before quickly getting check-raised. Guagenti

David ‘ODB’ Baker Eliminated in 7th Place ($34,000)

No Limit Hold'em The start-of-the-day chip leader David 'ODB' Baker has been eliminated in epic fashion on the fourth hand of play as Steve Zolotow continues to soar at the 2021 U.S. Poker Open. The action folded to David 'ODB' Baker on the button who raised to 90,000 and Zolotow fought