Steve O’Dwyer Exits in 5th ($75,000)

There will be no back-to-back trophies in this event for Steve O'Dwyer.  Having picked his spots to shove before the bubble bursting, he found another in the cutoff post-bubble with [KsJh].  Button Igor Kurganov gave it some thought with [Ah8c], eventually opting to call the 2,540,000. The board ran out [7s2c8dtc2s],

Heath Takes On O’Dwyer

Steve O'Dwyer, having three-bet jammed [KcJc] (no call) one hand prior, tangled with Ben Heath thusly: he made it 320,000 to go from the cutoff with [as2s], Heath defending his big blind with [ts7s]. Flop: [7cjd9s].  Heath check-called O'Dwyer's bet of 440,000. Turn: [qd]. Check to O'Dwyer again, who bet 530,000.  Heath,

Biggest Pot of the Final So Far To Kurganov

Button Steve O'Dwyer raised to 300,000 with [AcQc], finding small blind (and even deeper-stacked) Igor Kurganov three-betting to 1,020,000 with [KsTc].  O'Dwyer made the call to see a [7d4dKh] flop.  Out led Kurganov, for 575,000, called by O'Dwyer. Turn: [5h]. Kurganov thought for long enough to use up a timebank card

It Started with a Limp

Preflop escalation alert! Yair Bitoun limped for 60,000 under the gun and it folded round to small blind Steve O'Dwyer, who raised to 240,000.  Big blind Richard Trigg thought for a moment, then pushed forward a bet of 700,000.  Back to O'Dwyer, who took a little time of his own

Welcome To the Game, Steve O’Dwyer

It's not been Alex Foxen's (pictured) morning. With the addition of starting-stack-wielding Steve O'Dwyer to his table (in position as Kurganov was), there followed a gigantic pot, reversing Foxen's Day 1 trend of accumulation and leaving him skirting the felt. Foxen opened preflop under the gun for 80,000, button O'Dwyer raised