Stephen Chidwick Eliminated on the Bubble

Stephen Chidwick, having picked up one set of blinds with a preflop open to 115,000 (from a total stack of 165,000) with [AdTs] (uncalled), faced a preflop raise to 70,000 from Christoph Vogelsang while on the big blind with [Jh9s] in what was to turn out to be his final

First Flop of the Final Sends Chidwick Down to Six Big Blinds

Stephen Chidwick (button) and Christoph Vogelsang (small blind), saw a flop of [5s2dKh], both with aces in the hole, Chidwick with [Ah6c] and Vogelsang with [AdJh].  Vogelsang check-called a bet of 40,000 here, then 90,000 on the crucial [As] turn.  On the [7h] river, Vogelsang check-called a third time for

Double on the Bubble for Adams

Preflop, Christoph Vogelsang raised to 45,000 with [Jh8h] and ran into escalating pairs: [7d7s] for Ben Heath, [TsTh] for Stephen Chidwick and [AdAs] for big blind Timothy Adams.  Adams three-bet to 200,000, called by Chidwick alone.  On the [9d8c5d] flop, Chidwick checked, Adams bet 150,000 and Chidwick started feeding timebank

Chidwick and Mateos Pick Up Quad Queens Between Them

Adrian Mateos raised preflop to 45,000 with [Qdqd].  Over to Stephen Chidwick, with the same hand - [QcQh], who just flat called.  Big blind Sam Greenwood came along with [Kd9d]. Flop: [TdTs7s]. Mateos check-called a bet from Chidwick of 40,000 (Greenwood folding).  The turn slowed everything down a little, both players