[VIDEO] The Nuts for Stephen Chidwick!

From the final table of Event #1 of the 2019 U.S. Poker Open, we look back on the hand that sparked Stephen Chidwick's run that ended up with another big win! On this hand, Chidwick flopped the nuts against Lazaro Hernandez, go check it out for yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7IS3gZ2D9c  

Sean Winter Eliminated by Stephen Chidwick

Larry Wight limped in and Stephen Chidwick raised to 250,000. Sean Winter called all in for 145,000 from the cutoff, and Wright folded. Chidwick: [JsTs] Winter: [AcKc] The board ran out [8d6h9dQh7c] and Chidwick's straight sent Winter to the rail.

Stephen Chidwick Continues to Chip Up

Joelle Parenteau limped in from first to act and Stephen Chidwick called in middle position as Kristen Bicknell checked her option on the button. The flop landed [8cJdQd] and action checked through to reveal the [As] on the turn. Chidwick bet 20,000, and both Bicknell and Parenteau folded.

Stephen Chidwick Eliminated in 3rd Place ($113,750)

Stephen Chidwick was eliminated in third place and will take home $113,750 after he called off his stack with [KdQh] against a Koray Aldemir shove. Aldemir had [4h4d]. Aldemir flopped a set and didn't look back to eliminate Chidwick in third place.

Stephen Chidwick Now in the Mix

Defending US Poker was recently eliminated in third place from Event #3 and he wasn't ready to go home and call  it a day just yet. He has a trophy to defend and will attempt to score his third cash of the series. Chidwick late registered for the short deck tournament,

Chidwick Takes the Lead, Adams Extremely Short

Brandon Adams limped from the small blind with [KhQh] and Stephen Chidwick shoved from the small blind for 2,200,000 with [Ah4c]. Adams called. The flop hit both players and the board ran out [Kc4h4d5c7c]. Adams was left with only 60,000 -- less than a big blind. If Adams makes it to the

Rodger Johnson Eliminated in 7th Place ($45,500)

Rodger Johnson shoved his last 365,000 and Stephen Chidwick called. Johnson was behind holding [QcJh] against the [AhJd] of Chidwick. The board ran out [AcQh4h4cXx] and Johnson was eliminated in seventh place. He will take home $45,500.