Stephen Chidwick Eliminated in 4th Place

Stephen Chidwick was all-in with [Kd8s] against Cary Katz's [9d3s]. The board of [Ad8c5hAsKh] doubled Chidwick up to just 85,000. Next, Chidwick moved all-in on the flop of [7s4dJd] with [7d5s] and was called by Imsirovic with [7d6h] and Cary Katz with [KhQc]. Katz and Imsirovic checked the [9s] turn, but Katz didn't

Stephen Chidwick Down to Fumes

Stephen Chidwick called with [AsQh] and Ali Imsirovic shoved all-in with [TcTd] for 615,000. Chidwick made the call with just 55,000 more behind. The board of [4d7cTs5d8h] saw Imsirovic double to 1.3m and the near-faultless Chidwick slip to just over one big blind. It's tough timing for Chidwick, as players now go

Katz Doubles Through Chidwick to Take the Lead

Cary Katz called, Chidwick raised and Katz moved all-in for 615,000 with [6c6s]. Chidwick called it off ith [AhKd]. The board of [Td9hTh6d4d] saw Katz fill up on the turn to move into the chip lead!

Katz Doubles Again

Stephen Chidwick bet 40,000 with [KsJh] and Christoph Vogelsang called with pocket sevens. Cary Katz moved all-in with ace-king for 235,000 and Vogelsang made the call. The board of [Ac2c6hJsTd] saw Katz hit his ace in the window and ride it home to double up. Here are the full updated chipcounts.

Last Brit Standing

Chidwick made it 40,000 pre-flop with [AdJc] and he was called by Christoph Vogelsang with [8d7c]. Chidwick flopped the nuts when it came [QhKcTc] and, checked to by Vogelsang, c-bet to 70,000 to take it down. With the Kent man leading the Super High Roller Bowl here at Aspers, could Stephen Chidwick

Chidwick Edges Ahead

Stephen Chidwick has dominated periods of today's final, and he raised to 40,000 with [Ad7s]. Christoph Vogelsang, who came into the day with the clear chip lead and is now jockeying with the Brit for supremacy, called with [6c6h]. Both men checked the [2c2sTc] flop, as well as the [Ah] -