Ali Imsirovic Goes Back-to-Back to Win $50,000 Title on PokerGO

Ali Imsirovic stands alone at the top of the Poker Masters leaderboard following his second win in as many days. The young star surpassed his win in the $25,000 No Limit Hold'em event by taking down the $50,000 tournament today on PokerGO. Imsirovic earned $799,000 and jumped past Brandon Adams

Seth Davies Eliminated in 12th Place

We joined the action on a board of [Ks6h3d], after Ryan Riess and Justin Bonomo both checked to Seth Davies who bet 10,000 from late position. Riess made the call, but Bonomo check-raised to 40,000, which got a call from Davies and a fold from Riess. Bonomo then bet 125,000 on the

Justin Bonomo Moves in on Seth Davies

Justin Bonomo raised on the button to 12,000. Seth Davies, in the small blind, bumped it up to 36,000. Bonomo then came back over the top all-in and his opponent folded.

Keith Tilston Shoves the River and Takes Down a Big Pot

We picked up the heads up action between Keith Tilston and Seth Davies on a board reading [6s8d5cKd] and almost 200,000 already in the pot. Tilston put out a bet of 105,000 and was called by Davies. The [3s] completed the board and Tilston shoved all in, having Davies easily covered. Davies thought