River Spike Doubles Davies

Seth Davies, who'd already picked up a pot after a timely preflop raise with [Ad8d], made it 450,000 to go holding [AdQc] after an under the gun limp from Michael Soyza with [Kdjh].  This was more than half his chips; when Sergi Reixach moved in on the button with [AcKc]

Seth Davies Eliminated in 7th Place ($125,000)

Seth Davies had not seen much in the way of playable cards after the seven-handed final began.  He picked up a few chips here and there (as when he recently jammed the cutoff for 1,030,000 with [Ad6d] when it folded to him), but in the end, he was first to

Seth Davies Eliminated by Timothy Adams

Timothy Adams raised to 18,000 from the hijack and was called by Seth Davies in the big blind. The flop came [6d][th][qc] and Davies checked. Adams continued for 27,000. Davies used a time extension and called. The [7d] dropped on the turn and Davies checked. Adams fired 65,000. Davies used

Kahle Burns Pressures Seth Davies

Seth Davies raised to 14,000 in the cutoff and Kahle Burns defended his big blind. The flop landed [Ad6h4c] and Burns checked. Davies continued for 10,000, and Burns check-raised to 36,000. Davies called, and when the turn landed the [9s], he was confronted with a bet of 73,000. Davies called again, and the

Elio Fox Shoves River on Seth Davies

The final board read [7s5hTs4h3h] and there was roughly 400,000 in the middle. From under the gun, Elio Fox announced he was all in for 601,000. Seth Davies pondered for a little, and then folded from the cutoff.