Chidwick Triple Check-Calls with Flopped Set to Stack Davies

Stephen Chidwick opened to 18,000 preflop with [8c8d]. An in-position Seth Davies three-bet to 52,000 with [KcKs] and Chidwick made the call.  Chidwick hit top set on a [8s5s3d] flop and check-called Davies' bet of 45,000.  On the [Qd] he check-called another 85,000 and on the [7h] river he checked

Matthias Eibinger Down to One Chip, then None

The pot that did the damage to Matthias Eibinger saw him three-bet Artur Martirosyan preflop to 80,000 with [AhTs], Martirosyan calling out of position.  On a [9c5s7d] flop, Martirosyan called Eibinger's continuation bet of 36,000 having flopped top pair with [ks9s].  He check-called 120,000 on the [4d] turn, too, then

Eibinger Turns Trips (Into Double Up)

Matthias Eibinger has doubled through Seth Davies, after turning trips on a board of [6c5h9d9s] with [Td9h], Davies setting him all in for 163,000 total with a pair of fives after Eibinger led out this street for 42,000.  The [4x] river was an irrelevance; the Austrian in the bright orange

Seth Davies Out in 4th Place ($267,520)

Seth Davies made it 800,000 to go in the cutoff (from a total stack of two million) with [As7s], running smack into button Michael Soyza's [AdQc].  He was set in and at-risk in moments.  The board had him drawing to a chop only by the turn: [Kd9dJcQh], but the river

No One Wants to Take On Davies

Michael Soyza doesn't win every pot. Wai Kiat Lee saw a heads up limp-checked flop of [6cAd9h] (holding [Qs7h]) with cutoff Soyza (who held [Td6c]), raising to 280,000 to take it from the leader. He said he was rooting for Soyza the next hand, however, as Seth Davies raised to 650,000

Davies Stays Afloat

Now the shortest stack on the four-handed final, Seth Davies has twice in a row showed commital with preflop raises to 600,000 (playing 1,800,000), the last time with [AcQs] on the button after three callers, each time granted swift folds from his opponents. Davies did, however, fold [KxJx] on the button

Three Pots in a Row for Wai Kiat Lee

After taking one down preflop, Wai Kiat Lee called under the gun with [QhQd]. Seth Davies, next to act, made it 390,000 with [KsQs], but folded when Lee set him in, having asked for a count (it was 1,800,000). Now up over 3,500,000, Lee moved all in the very next hand