Seth Davies Wins One, Loses One

Seth Davies got involved in a couple of small pots immediately after break. The first one, he bet 12,000 into a flop of [JdTdTs] and got Dan Shak to fold. On the next hand, he checked the flop of [JcTsJh] and Justin Bonomo followed suit. Bonomo then fired out 15,000 when

Seth Davies Scoops Big Pot Off Anthony Zinno

Action picked up on the turn of an already sizable pot when Seth Davies fired a bet of 60,000 on a board of [Jh6hQc9s] and got a call from Anthony Zinno. The [6s] hit on the river and Davies continued his aggression, this time betting most of his stack (260,000). Zinno

Seth Davies Uses Add-On

Seth Davies is all in for his 1,000 ante and Ben Lamb raised to 12,000 next to act to force the remaining two active players out. Davies: [Jh7c] Lamb: [AcJc] The board ran out [QsJdKh7dTh] and Lamb improved to a straight on the river to prompt Davies to use his first add-on.

Seth Davies Limp-Shoves on Jonathan Depa

Seth Davies called first to act, as did Ben Lamb following him. From the cutoff, Jonathan Depa raised to 14,000. When the action returned to Davies, he moved all in for 93,000, and both Lamb and Depa folded.

Seth Davies Eliminated in 10th Place ($27,300)

Seth Davies shoved for 480,000 from the cutoff and Koray Aldemir called in the big blind. Davies: [Ad6h] Aldemir: [AhJs] The board ran out [4h9h7c4d5c] and Davies was eliminated in tenth-place for a $27,300 payday.

Cary Katz Eliminated by Seth Davies

The action folded to Cary Katz in the small blind who open shoved for his last 105,000 Seth Davies made the call from the big blind and the cards were tabled. Katz: [Qs6s] Davies: [Qd8d] The board ran out [Jh7d9c3hKd] and Katz asked, "The eight plays?" The dealer acknowledged that it did, and Katz was

Jake Schindler Eliminated by Seth Davies

Seth Davies opened to 55,000 from under the gun and Jake Schindler shoved all in next to act for 250,000. Action folded back to Davies, and he called. Davies: [AcTc] Schindler: [7h7d] The board ran out [TdThQc9c2s] and Schindler was eliminated.

Jerry Robinson Doubles Through Seth Davies

Jerry Robinson shoved all in for his last 155,000 from the cutoff. Action folded to Seth Davies in the small blind who made the call. Robinson: [QsQd] Davies: [4d4c] The board ran out [9c2s9h2hKs] and Robinson's queens held up for the double.

Jake Schindler Still Alive

Seth Davies raised under the gun to 30,000 and from the next seat over Jake Schindler shoved all in for his last 170,000. It folded back around to Davies who made the call with [AsTc], but was trailing the [JdJs] of Schindler. The board ran out [2c8s8d9dJd], giving Schindler a full house