Sergi Reixach Eliminated in 5th Place ($214,010)

Phil Ivey raised from the hijack to 300,000 with [AhTh].  Cutoff Sergi Reixach, playing 1,260,000 in total, looked down at [AdQh] and moved all in.  Ivey looked at the pot, counted out the call, played with it for a few seconds then threw it in.  Though Reixach was in good

River Spike Doubles Davies

Seth Davies, who'd already picked up a pot after a timely preflop raise with [Ad8d], made it 450,000 to go holding [AdQc] after an under the gun limp from Michael Soyza with [Kdjh].  This was more than half his chips; when Sergi Reixach moved in on the button with [AcKc]

Sergi Reixach Busts

Another exit, another payout at the $30,000 level.  Maria Lampropoulos opened her button to 600,000, and big blind Sergi Reixach moved in for just under 5 million chips.  Back to Lampropoulos, who considered her opponent's stack then called with a slight head shake with [Adqs]. She held two overcards to

Two In, One Out

Kahle Burns is back in contention, while Sergi Reixach barely had time for a riffle before busting in the first orbit (details will be researched in the break).  New to the Super High Roller is Yair Bitoun, resplendent in multicoloured wolf T-shirt which will grace the blog shortly.

Shuffle Up and Deal, Day 2

Cards return to the air with three fresh competitors - Sergi Reixach and two who have yet to draw seats but whose $25,500 is already paid in (it is lunch time, after all).  One is reliably rumoured to be Leon Tsoukernik, who brought the fireworks to the live stream yesterday

Sergi Reixach Eliminated by Alex Foxen

Sergi Reixach raised all in for 5,100,000 from the cutoff and Alex Foxen called from the small blind. Reixach: [Qc9s] Foxen: [AcTh] The board ran out [Ad6h4sKdTc], giving Foxen aces and tens to eliminate Reixach.

Alex Foxen Flops Straight and Sends Scott Margereson Tumbling Down the Counts

Sergi Reixach limped the button and Scott Margereson called in the small blind. Alex Foxen checked the big blind, and the flop landed [7d3s5h]. Margereson checked and Foxen bet 800,000. Reixach folded, but Margereson called as the turn fell the [Ad]. Margereson checked and Foxen bet 3,300,000. Margereson called and checked the