Sergi Reixach Eliminated in 5th Place ($214,010)

Phil Ivey raised from the hijack to 300,000 with [AhTh].  Cutoff Sergi Reixach, playing 1,260,000 in total, looked down at [AdQh] and moved all in.  Ivey looked at the pot, counted out the call, played with it for a few seconds then threw it in.  Though Reixach was in good

River Spike Doubles Davies

Seth Davies, who'd already picked up a pot after a timely preflop raise with [Ad8d], made it 450,000 to go holding [AdQc] after an under the gun limp from Michael Soyza with [Kdjh].  This was more than half his chips; when Sergi Reixach moved in on the button with [AcKc]

Sergi Reixach Busts

Another exit, another payout at the $30,000 level.  Maria Lampropoulos opened her button to 600,000, and big blind Sergi Reixach moved in for just under 5 million chips.  Back to Lampropoulos, who considered her opponent's stack then called with a slight head shake with [Adqs]. She held two overcards to

Two In, One Out

Kahle Burns is back in contention, while Sergi Reixach barely had time for a riffle before busting in the first orbit (details will be researched in the break).  New to the Super High Roller is Yair Bitoun, resplendent in multicoloured wolf T-shirt which will grace the blog shortly.