Reixach Hoped for Triple Up; Found the Rail

Sergi Reixach found an open button and moved all in with [Kd5d] for 37,000 (six big blinds).  Both small blind Vicent Bosca Ramon, with [Qh9h] and big blind Luc Greenwood, with [KhJs], made the call. Reixach must have been delighted with his chances for a triple up as the flop of

Reixach On “Not How You Win Chips”

Sergi Reixach called a min-raise from Vicent Bosca Ramon on the button with [QsJs] after a call from Jason Koon (holding [KhQd] in the cutoff.  All three players checked the [4hAc6s] flop, which Bosca alone had hit with his [AdQh]. The [Ks] turn brought something for both of Bosca's opponents; this