Sean Perry Eliminated by Sean Winter When Flush Doesn’t Come Home

Sean Perry opened under-the-gun to 2,000 and Sean Winter, in the big blind, three-bet to 8,000. Perry made the call. The flop came [KhKs6s] and Winter checked. Perry fired out 10,000 and his opponent looked him up. The turn came [3d] and Perry moved all-in for about the size of the

Sean Perry Gets the Best of Koray Aldemir

With the board reading [Tc2h5h7h] and the action heads up Sean Perry bet 20,000. Koray Aldemir made the call. The river landed the [Ac] and Perry bet 51,000. Aldemir quickly made the call. "Two pair," Perry announced as he tabled [7c5s]. Aldemir mucked and Perry collected the pot to move over the

King on the River Shifts Massive Pot From Lazaro Hernandez to Sean Perry

Sean Perry bet 28,000 on the turn when the board showed [TdAcQs8s]. Lazaro Hernandez moved all in and Perry called for 114,500. The two players showed their hands and Hernandez ([AsQc]) was ahead of Perry ([AdJd]). When [Kd] came on the river, Perry's tournament life was spared and he doubled to over

Sean Perry Crosses the 300,000 Chip Mark

Lazaro Hernandez limped from middle position and Ricky Guan called on the button. Koray Aldemir folded in the small blind and Sean Perry utilized his option and made it 6,000 to go. Hernandez and Guan both made the call. The flop came [3c9d6h] and the action checked through. The turn was the [Jc] and

Lazaro Hernandez Eliminated by Sean Perry

Lazaro Hernandez is the first player eliminated today after running into Sean Perry's two pair with [QxJx]. Hernandez immediately re-entered and drew the same table and seat that he began at.

Sean Perry Triples

On a flop of [TcThJc], Anthony Zinno checks to Sean Perry who bets his final 79,000. Justin Bonomo called on the button, and when the action returned to Zinno, he moved all in for 760,000 and Bonomo folded. Zinno: [AcTs] Perry: [KcJh] The turn of the [Jd] thrust Perry into the lead, and

Sean Perry Gets Justin Bonomo to Fold as Big Stacks Collide

We caught the action on the river with an already big pot brewing between big stacks Sean Perry and Justin Bonomo. The board read [7sAcKd8hJh]. Perry fired out a river bet of 75,000 and it didn't take Bonomo long before he mucked his card. He continues trending upward following a rocky