Scott Margereson Eliminated in 22nd Place ($50,000)

Marc Lange raised to 2.4 million from under the gun, Jonathan Kozel three-bet to 7 million from the hijack and Scott Margereson four-bet all in for 19.3 million from the big blind. Lange folded and Kozel called after a few moments. Kozel: [Ad9d] Margereson: [JcJh] The board ran out [KsTd6d2d9c], giving Kozel an

Alex Foxen Flops Straight and Sends Scott Margereson Tumbling Down the Counts

Sergi Reixach limped the button and Scott Margereson called in the small blind. Alex Foxen checked the big blind, and the flop landed [7d3s5h]. Margereson checked and Foxen bet 800,000. Reixach folded, but Margereson called as the turn fell the [Ad]. Margereson checked and Foxen bet 3,300,000. Margereson called and checked the

Scott Margereson Crosses 35 Million

Brandon Sheils raised from middle position and Scott Margereson called from the big blind. The flop was [Qs7h2d] and Margereson checked to Sheils who continued for 500,000. Margereson check-raised to 1,500,000 and Sheils called. The turn was the [As], Margereson bet 2,000,000, Sheils raised to 6,800,000 and Margereson called. The river was the

Scott Margereson vs. partypoker pro Ludovic Geilich

With about 5,000,000 in the pot and the board reading [5sJsAcTh], partypoker pro Ludovic Geilich checked from the hijack and Scott Margereson bet 1,600,000 from the cutoff. Geilich called. The river was the [Ks], Geilich checked, Margerson shoved for effectively 4,500,000 and Geilich used two time extensions before he folded.

Scott Margereson Takes a Ton From Cliff Josephy

With about 640,000 in the pot and the board reading [6hAc5d8c8s], Scott Margereson bet 650,000 from the small blind and Cliff Josephy called from the cutoff. Margereson tabled [5c5s] for fives full of eights, Josephy mucked and Margereson collected the pot.

Cliff Josephy vs. Scott Margereson

Cliff Josephy raised from early position, Scott Margereson three-bet to 64,000 from the cutoff and Josephy called. The flop came down [AsJc9s], Josephy checked, Margereson continued for 75,000 and Josephy folded.

COLOSSUS Final Table Live on Twitch

Twitch is your secondary home for World Series of Poker broadcasts and coverage of the COLOSSUS final table is live. 13,070 players started and only nine remain, with $1 million awaiting the eventual champion. Bracelet winner John Racener is still in contention, along with WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown