Ali Imsirovic Goes Back-to-Back to Win $50,000 Title on PokerGO

Ali Imsirovic stands alone at the top of the Poker Masters leaderboard following his second win in as many days. The young star surpassed his win in the $25,000 No Limit Hold'em event by taking down the $50,000 tournament today on PokerGO. Imsirovic earned $799,000 and jumped past Brandon Adams

Sam Soverel Eliminated by Ryan Riess in 7th Place

Ryan Riess raised under the gun to 55,000 and Sam Soverel defended in the big blind. The flop came [4dJs9h]. Soverel checked, Riess bet 110,000, and Soverel came over the top for 395,000. Riess couldn't wait to turn over [AhAd] and Soverel showed [KhJh]. Soverel didn't get any help when the turn was

Koray Aldemir Moves Up in the Chip Counts

Action folded around to Sam Soverel, who raised to 30,000 from the cutoff and  was called by Koray Aldemir on the button and Nick Petrangelo from the big blind. Petrangelo checked the [ThTc4h], which was followed by a bet of 35,000 from Soverel and calls from both Aldemir and Petrangelo, After another

Sam Soverel Makes Tough, Correct Call Against Bluffing Dennis Blieden

We caught the action on the turn with the board reading [5cJcKcQd]. Sam Soverel bet 23,000 and was raised by Dennis Blieden to 69,000. Soverel made the call. The [2h] came on the river. Blieden again bet, this time for 77,000. Soverel made the correct, but difficult call and won

Keith Tilston Eliminated by Sam Soverel

Keith Tilston moved all in for 106,000 from under the gun and Dennis Blieden called next to act before Sam Soverel moved all in over the top for 568,000. Action folded back to Blieden, and he folded. Tilston: [KhQd] Soverel: [AcKs] The board ran out [QsAh6cJs2d] and Tilston was eliminated.

Sam Soverel Gets Almost a Full Double Up

We caught the heads up action between Sam Soverel and Justin Bonomo on a board reading [9d8hAc5sJs] and about 105,000 in the pot. After Soverel put out a bet of 95,000 and leaving himself very few chips behind,  Justin Bonomo used one of his time extensions. He made the call but then

Sam Soverel Moves All-In, Wins Pot

Dennis Blieden opened from the cutoff to 18,000 and Sam Soverel shoved all-in for 112,000. Blieden contemplated his move for about 15 seconds before folding his hand. Soverel took down the pot.