Alex Foxen Doubles Through Sam Soverel

David Peters opened to 30,000 from middle position and Alex Foxen shoved the button for 245,000. Sam Soverel called in the big blind, and Peters folded. Soverel: [AdKc] Foxen: [AcTd] The board ran out [Th5h4c9s5c] and Foxen doubled through.

Lazaro Hernandez Takes from Sean Winter

Lazaro Hernandez open-limped under the gun and Sean Winter called from the small blind as Sam Soverel checked his option. The flop landed [Kd6d9s] and both Winter and Soverel checked to Hernandez who bet 30,000. Winter called, and Soverel folded as the turn landed the [5c]. Winter checked, Hernandez bet 110,000, and Winter

Ricky Guan Doubles Through Sam Soverel

Sam Soverel opened to 10,000 from middle position and Ricky Guan made the call from the big blind, leaving himself 19,000 behind. The flop came [Jd4d3h] and Guan checked his cards before moving all in for 19,000. Soverel thought it over before making the call. Guan: [Qc4c] Soverel: [Kc2c] The turn was the [4h]

Justin Bonomo Picks Off Sam Soverel’s River Bluff

We picked up the three-way action on a board of [2dKcQd4c] with about 23,000 in the pot. After Erik Seidel checked, Justin Bonomo bet 15,000, getting a call from Sam Soverel and a fold from Seidel. The [Jd] completed the board. Bonomo then checked-called the 28,000 river bet from Soverel who tabled

Randall Emmett Eliminated by Sam Soverel

Catching the action on the river, the last of Randall Emmett's chips were in the middle of the pot on a final board reading [4c5c7c4dKc]. Emmett held [4h2h] for trips, but unfortunately for him, he would be against Sam Soverel's [6c6d] for a flush, and was consequently eliminated.

Sam Soverel Takes One Down Before the Break

Jake Schindler raised to 3,500 from middle position and was called by Randall Emmett from the cutoff and Sam Soverel from the big blind. The dealer spread a flop of [2d3cQh], which was checked to Emmett who bet 6,000 and Soverel was his only caller. Soverel bet 6,000 on the [3h] turn

Joseph Orsino Eliminated by Erik Seidel

Jake Schindler opened the action from under the gun to 3,500. Erik Seidel was next to act and called. Action folded to Joseph Orsino in the cutoff who three-bet to 15,000. The blinds folded and the action was back on Schindler who mucked his cards. Seidel thought it over before cutting

Sam Soverel Eliminated by James Romero

Sam Soverel was all in for his last 5,500 against James Romero who made it 12,000 from the small blind to isolate. Soverel: [KcQs] Romero: [AhTs] The board ran out [5c7d5h6hAs] and Soverel was eliminated.

Chance Kornuth Doubles Through Sam Soverel

On a board reading [5c2h9hJsTh] with roughly 60,000 in the middle, Sam Soverel bet out 37,000 from the small blind. Chance Kornuth announced he was all in for 103,000, and Soverel called. Kornuth tabled his [QhJh] for a flush, and Soverel showed his [KhQs] and mucked.