Sam Snead Shows Ryan Laplante

On a flop of [6d3d3h], Sam Snead bet out 50,000 from the big blind and Ryan Laplante called from under the gun. The turn was the [6s] and Snead continued with a bet of 125,000. Laplante showed his [KcKs] and then mucked. Snead revealed his [7d4h] and Laplante said, "Show the top one." Snead

Cary Katz Eliminated by Sam Snead

Cary Katz limped in from under the gun, and Thai Ha completed in the small blind. Sam Snead raised to 40,000 from the big blind, and Katz called as Ha folded. The flop landed [2sTdQd] and Snead bet 55,000. Katz moved all in for 229,000, and after using two time extensions,

Alex Condon Quadruples Up

From under the gun, Alex Condon committed his final 10,000 and finds action from Sam Snead in the hijack, John Riordan in the small blind, and Anthony Zinno in the big blind. The [Kc8s2dKhQc] board checked through to the river where Condon tabled his [AcQsTs3s] for two pair and each of

George Wolff Takes it on the Turn

George Wolff raised to 6,000 in the hijack and Sam Snead called in the cutoff. The flop landed [4s8hJh] and Wolff continued for 10,000. Snead called as the [5c] landed on the turn. Wolff bet 30,000 and Snead didn't take too long before finding a fold.

Alex Condon Check-Raises Sam Snead

Sam Snead raises to 6,000 in middle position and Ben Yu called in the hijack. From the big blind, Alex Condon called, and then checked the [Qh2h6d] flop. Snead continued with a bet of 17,000, and Yu folded. Condon announced pot, and made it 71,000 total. Snead folded.