Phil Ivey Lasts 51 Minutes in 2019 WSOP Main Event

Phil Ivey all in and at risk in the first level of the 2019 WSOP Main Event.

Phil Ivey has an amazing track record in the World Series of Poker Main Event but he won't be adding to that legacy this year. The 10-time bracelet winner was eliminated within the hour after showing up roughly 10 minutes late to his table. From Sam Greenwood, who was seated on

Poker Who’s Who: Peaky Blinders

Sam Greenwood, Luc Greenwood and Ludovic Geilich star in the poker edition of Peaky Blinders.

Every week freelance writer Paul Seaton takes a light-hearted comedic look at recasting a famous movie or TV show, and this week he's diving into the critically acclaimed crime drama Peaky Blinders.  Tommy Shelby - played by Ludovic Geilich The leader of the Peaky Blinders is an everyman with a quick wit