Small One for Sam Greenwood

Action folded to partypoker pro Dzmitry Urbanovich in the small blind and he limped in. Sam Greenwood checked his option in the big blind. They checked to the turn of a [9sJd8cQs] board where Urbanovich bet 30,000. Greenwood called. The river was the [Ks], Urbanovich bet 30,000 again and Greenwood called. Urbanovich showed

Seth Davies vs. Sam Greenwood

Isaac Haxton raised to 15,000 from middle position and Sam Greenwood called next to act. From the button, Wai Leong Chan called, and with the action on Seth Davies in the small blind, he made it 80,000. Haxton and Chan folded, but Greenwood called, as the dealer spread the [3d3h3s] flop. Davies

Jason Koon Empties the Clip on Sam Greenwood

From the cutoff, partypoker pro Jason Koon raised to 10,000 and Sam Greenwood called in the big blind. The flop landed [5hAdKs] and Greenwood checked. Koon bet 16,000, and Greenwood called as the turn fell the [2c]. Greenwood checked, Koon bet 45,000, and Greenwood called. The river fell the [9c], and Greenwood knuckled

Sam Greenwood and Jason Koon Chop

On a final board of [4sJs2dQhAh] with roughly 130,000 in the middle, Sam Greenwood bet out 85,000 from the big blind. From the cutoff, partypoker pro Jason Koon called and said, "Guess we chop a lot." Greenwood tabled his [AcKc], and Koon revealed his [AsKh] to see the pot chopped.

Ivan Leow and Jason Koon Eliminated by Sam Greenwood

The final board read [8hKd6hQsQc] and both Jason Koon and Ivan Leow were exiting the tournament area. Sam Greenwood was scooping the pot with his [Kc6c] still tabled for two pair. Koon held [Ah9h] and Leow held [7x5x] when all the money went in on the flop. Leow bricked his straight draw,