Sam Greenwood Eliminated in 8th Place – Now On Bubble Worth $600,000

Stephen Chidwick opened preflop for 40,000 with [AhQs], called by Christoph Vogelsang in position with [JdJc].  Big blind Sam Greenwood, and table short stack with 290,000, moved in with [AsQd].  Chidwick passed the same hand and Vogelsang quickly made the call, flopping a set of jacks that held over the

Greenwood with a Four Timebank Card Decision

Threeway to a flop of [Ac3cQd], blinds Sam Greenwood ([Ah9h]) and Ivan Leow ([Qs4s]) checked to preflop raiser Ben Heath.  He bet 45,000 with [KcTc], called by both players.  All three checked the [3s] turn.  The [7c] brought in Heath's flush.  It checked to him again and he bet a

Chidwick and Mateos Pick Up Quad Queens Between Them

Adrian Mateos raised preflop to 45,000 with [Qdqd].  Over to Stephen Chidwick, with the same hand - [QcQh], who just flat called.  Big blind Sam Greenwood came along with [Kd9d]. Flop: [TdTs7s]. Mateos check-called a bet from Chidwick of 40,000 (Greenwood folding).  The turn slowed everything down a little, both players

Greenwood Doubles Through Chidwick

Wai Leong Chan opened under the gun to 26,000 with [kc9c], called by Christoph Vogelsang next to act.  Third to act Sam Greenwood moved in for 232,000 with [QhQd].  It folded to big blind Stephen Chidwick, who moved all in over the top for everyone's stack. Chan and Vogelsang folded