Top Hands from the British Poker Open

Sam Grafton, Christoph Vogelsang, and Paul Newey were involved in some of the most exciting hands at the British Poker Open!

If there's one thing the 2019 British Poker Open provided, it was drama. Thankfully for PokerGO fans across the world watching the live poker events play out, there were hundreds of things that it provided. Tension, big bluffs, excitement, bad beats, and incredible poker plays... the action at Aspers Casino

Sam Grafton Bets Out Sam Soverel on the River

Sam Grafton limped the cutoff and Sam Soverel called behind him on the button. Koray Aldemir checked his option in the big blind, and the flop landed [9h3sTs]. Aldemir checked and Grafton bet out 7,000. Soverel called, and Aldemir folded. The [Ah] on the turn checked through to reveal the [6d] on

Sam Grafton Raises Turn on Sam Soverel

Action folded to Sam Grafton on the button, and he raised to 7,000. Sam Soverel defended his big blind, and both players checked the [9h9s7h] flop. The turn landed the [9d] and Soverel led out for 8,000. Grafton raised to 30,000, and after using his full extension of free time, Soverel

Luc Greenwood Wins Opening Event of 2019 British Poker Open for £119,600

Luc Greenwood wins the first ever British Poker Open event.

After two fun-packed days of poker action, it was the overnight chip leader Luc Greenwood who prevailed in the opening event, though not with more changes of chip leader than ever as the final table became a shootout between elite pros. WATSON BUBBLES AS OPENING STACKS ARE FLIPPED With five players making

Sam Grafton Eliminated in 4th Place for £26,600

Sam Grafton moved all-in from early position with [8d8s] and ran into Flink's [AdKh], which the high stakes cash game pro re-raised all-in. Steve O'Dwyer had [ThTd] and called it off, to see two players at risk, himself and Grafton. The board of [Qh2hKcTs3d] saw Sam Grafton finish fourth place for

Flink Grows Lead at Grafton’s Expense

Sam Grafton called Robert Flink's bet pre-flop, with Flink holding [8d8h] and Grafton's hand being [Jc6h]. Grafton called Flink's 80,000 bet on a nightmare flop of [Jd9d8s] before turn [7s] and river [3d] saw both Grafton and Flink check. Flink's hand elicited a "Wow" from Grafton.

From Shortie to Chip Leader

Robert Flink has gone from short-stack at the start of play 90 minutes ago to leading the final table of the British Poker Open £10,000-entry NLHE opening event.