Ryan Riess Eliminated in 5th Place ($264,000)

Ryan Riess shoved all in from the cutoff for 795,000 and Keith Tilston quickly called from the big blind. Riess: [9c9h] Tilston: [JcJs] Riess was in bad shape with his underpair, and when the flop landed [Jd8hAs] he was in even worse shape needing running nines for quads or running cards for a

A Couple of Crabs for Ryan Riess

Chris Hunichen opened to 80,000 from the button and Ryan Riess moved all in from the small blind for 775,000. Hunichen used one of his time extension banks before folding. "Do you want to see?" asked Riess. "I do," responded Hunichen. Riess showed his [3s3h], and Hunichen then stated he had [QsTs].

Ryan Riess on the Climb

After shoving all-in the previous two hands and showing [Ax2x] both times, Ryan Riess raised the button to 85,000 and David Peters defended his big blind. The flop landed [7cQs3s] and Peters check-folded to a bet of 85,000 from Riess.

Justin Bonomo Eliminated in 6th Place

From under the gun, Justin Bonomo moved all in for 315,000 and Ryan Riess shoved from the button for 340,000 to force the blinds out. Bonomo: [QcJh] Riess: [AdQh] Bonomo was at-risk and dominated by Riess as the dealer spread the [6d7sTs] flop to leave Bonomo only backdoor outs. The turn landed the [Th]

David Peters Bets Out Ryan Riess

David Peters raised to 60,000 from middle position and Ryan Riess called out of the big blind. The flop landed [Js9h2h] and Riess checked to Peters who bet 90,000. Riess folded, and Peters collected the pot.

Ryan Riess Shoves

Chris Hunichen raised to 60,000 in the hijack and Ryan Riess shoved for 385,000 from the cutoff. Martin Zamani used his full extension of time before folding. Justin Bonomo considered from the big blind and folded, and Hunichen folded also.

Ryan Riess vs. Justin Bonomo

Ryan Riess opened to 35,000 from the hijack and Justin Bonomo defended his big blind to see a [Ah8d3s] flop. Bonomo checked and Riess continued for 20,000. Bonomo called, and the turn landed the [6d]. Bonomo checked once more and Riess bet 75,000 which now prompted a fold from Bonomo.

Ryan Riess Doubles Through Sean Winter

Justin Bonomo raised to 35,000 from middle position and Sean Winter three-bet the button to 105,000. From the small blind, Ryan Riess moved all in for 250,000 and Bonomo folded. Winter asked for a count, and then called. Winter: [Ah7h] Riess: [QdQc] Riess was at-risk but ahead with his pair as the dealer spread

Martin Zamani Draws First Blood

Martin Zamani raised to 35,000 from under the gun and Ryan Riess defended his big blind. The flop landed [3s9d7h] and Zamani continued for 65,000 and Riess check-folded.

Seat 5: Ryan Riess (340,000 in chips)

Ryan Riess entered the 2019 U.S. Poker Open eager and ready for another big win. Regardless of his performance, however, the results will take a back seat to what else is approaching in his life: the birth of his second child. Riess and his girlfriend are expecting their second child next