Two More

Roberto Romanello gave it a try yesterday, but ultimately ran out of speed. In his final hand, his squeeze all in with ace-jack didn't get there against the original raiser's kings. He's back today, sitting down right at the start. We didn't spot Chile's poker superstar Nick Yunis yesterday, but he's

Roberto Romanello Eliminated

The player under the gun opened for 55,000 and the hijack called before Roberto Romanello shoved all in from the cutoff for 795,000. The initial raiser thought about it for a bit and eventually reshoved. The hijack folded. Initial raiser: [KsKc] Roberto Romanello: [AsJc] The flop of [9dKh2c] wasn't particularly good for Romanello

Romanello Almost Doubles

Roberto Romanello opened under the gun plus one for 26,000 and got a call from the cutoff and big blind. The big blind checked on [6d4dKh] and Romanello bet 31,000. The cutoff called, the big blind folded. Romanello bet another 127,000 on the [4h] turn and he got a call once

Late Registration Closes, Slightest of Overlays in the Finale

Level 11 has begun, which means the end of late registration and the beginning of true bustouts with no chance for a fresh million chips.  Pending confirmation, there were 95 entries into this $10,300 event, so the prizepool is as it was: $1,000,000. Payout information will be available shortly. Last minute

Roberto Romanello Eliminated

Roberto Romanello was seen sitting on an empty table close to the Main Event. We asked him what had happened for him to get eliminated. Up to a stack fo 19 million, Romanello saw the button shove for 5.9 million. With [AxQx] in the small blind, Romanello looked his opponent up

Roberto Romanello Busts Joao Vieira

Roberto Romanello opened the hijack for 365,000 and saw Joao Vieira shove from the blinds. Romanello called with [7d7h] and was up against [AxQx]. The board ran out [4s6c8dKxTx] and Vieira headed to the payout desk.

Three Romanello Brothers and a Main Event Champion Make it to Day 3

Day 2 of the partypoker LIVE $10,300 MILLIONS UK Main Event came to a dramatic conclusion today with the bursting of the bubble, locking up a seat in Day 3 for the sixty players who’d battled successfully through seventeen hour-long levels at Dusk Till Dawn. Together with the sixteen online