Roberto José Sagra Eliminated in 4th Place ($75,000)

Roberto José Sagra put his last 10,600,000 in the middle from the cutoff and he was called by button Rodrigo Seiji. The blinds folded and they opened up. Roberto José Sagra: [as8c] Rodrigo Seiji: [ahad] The board ran out [qs4h2h7cqd] and Seiji collected another scalp and he eliminated Sagra. Sagra has to settle

Two Streets of Value for Seiji

Rodrigo Seiji opened to 800,000 under the gun and big blind Roberto José Sagra called. Sagra check-called abet of 1 million on the [9hAsJh] flop and a two-million-bet on the [8d] turn. The [2d] river was checked by both and Sagra showed [4h8h]. Seiji tabled [AdKh] and took down the

Seiji Wins Some Chips

Farid Jattin raised to 825,000 and he was called by Roberto José Sagra in the small blind and Rodrigo Seiji from the big blind. The flop fell [qsqc2c] and it checked to Jattin. He continued with a bet of 975,000 and Sagra raised to 3,000,000. Seiji called and Jatting folded. The turn

Luis Gustavo Eliminated in 8th Place ($40,000)

Farid Jattin raised to 625,000 from the cutoff and button Roberto José Sagra called from the button. Luis Gustavo sat in the big blind and he pushed all in for his last 2,750,000. Jattin folded and Sagra called. Luis Gustavo: [ah5s] Roberto José Sagra: [kdtc] The [th6d2d] flop was great for Sagra and

Jattin With the Check-Raise

Like the hand before, Jack Sinclair limped in before the flop, this time from the hijack. Small blind Farid Jattin completed and big blind Roberto José Sagra checked. Jattin checked on [3s8c9c] and Sagra bet 500,000. Sinclair called but Jattin had a bigger plan and check-raised to 1,975,000. Sagra folded, Sinclair

Price Felted

Oliver Price was all in from the button with his last 2,650,000 and big blind Roberto José Sagra called to put Price at risk of elimination. Oliver Price: [qh3h] Roberto José Sagra: [khjh] The board ran out [acjd8s5s2s] and Price was eliminated from the tournament. He won $30,000 for his deep run.

Roberto José Sagra Eliminated

Roberto José Sagra raised to 440,000 from the small blind when it folded to him with [kdqs]. Big blind James Romero defended with [ah8h] and the action flop [qh8s6h] was dealt. Sagra immediately pushed all in for about 2,100,000 and he was snap-called by Romero. The board ran out with the [8d]

Dzmitry Urbanovich Eliminated by Jacob Daniels

Jacob Daniels raised from early position to 240,000 and he was called by Roberto José Sagra from the small blind and Dzmitry Urbanovich from the big blind. The flop was dealt [jd6c5d] and it checked to Daniels who bet 325,000. He was called by Urbanovich after Sagra folded. The turn was the