Heidorn Immediately Follows Chien to Rail in 13th ($50,000)

Robert Heidorn, nursing an extremely short stack for over an orbit, went all in right after seeing the back of Peter Chien - for just 2,300,000 - after Jack Hardcastle's preflop open to 2,200,000 with [qx9s].  Big blind Weijie Zheng came along for the ride with [jd7h] as far as

Romero Wins Giant Pot with Big River Call

Robert Heidorn was the preflop raiser (to 2,400,000) with [ks7c], and would go on to fire at every available opportunity.  Sole caller James Romero (with [tc9s]) called Heidorn's continue on the [8s6h2h] flop, then his 6,000,000 bet on the [Ts] turn - which he'd hit. The river paired the board with

Heidorn vs. Clarke in Early Feature Table Pots Post Dinner

First hand back after the break, Alex Lindop found kings, raised to 1,100,000 and picked up some now very hefty blinds plus the ante (worth 1.25 million every time).  A button raise for Robert Heidorn with [8h9h] took the second but when he opened the [Tc6c] in the cutoff next

Raemaekers’ Elimination Prompts Redraw

It folded to Joep Raemakers in the small blind, who jammed for 4,000,000.  Big blind Robert Heidorn made the call with [ad3s] and found Raemakers with [6h8d]. Live though it was, Raemaekers' hand did not connect with the [9c2c9d4s3h] board and the remaining 24 players are experiencing a pay jump

Paul Evans vs. Robert Heidorn

Robert Heidorn raised to 125,000 and Paul Evans called in the cutoff. The flop landed [3s4d4c] and Heidorn continued for 110,000. Evans called, and when the [9c] landed on the turn, he called a Heidorn bet of 275,000. The river landed the [7d] and both players checked. Heidorn tabled his [QcJs], but