Lococo Sees His Kings Hold Three-Way in Monster Pot

When we arrived, Alejandro Lococo in the hijack already had his entire stack of 4,165,000 in the middle and one of his middle-position opponents - who had Lococo covered - also had all of his chips in the middle. A third player, much shorter with 1,075,000, on the button had

Heidorn Experiences Some South American Street Poker

When we arrived, the river was already out in a big pot between Robert Heidorn (small blind) and his neighbor on the button. After the hand was over, we were told the button had opened, and Heidorn had three-bet. The button had called a bet on the [Kh9sAd] flop and a

Pick One

In a pot between Robert Heidorn (big blind) and Dzmitry Urbanovich (cutoff,) there seemed to already be around 700,000 in the middle with [9h2h5s] [Qd] [3h] showing. Heidorn thought about it for a bit before he checked on the river. Urbanovich bet 650,000 and Heidorn reluctantly folded. Urbanovich indicated that Heidorn was

Uruguay’s Gonzalez Bags Big on Day 1a of partypoker MILLIONS South America

Day 1a of the partypoker MILLIONS South America Main Event is in the books, and it's Uruguay's own Fabrizio Gonzalez headlining. Over the eight one-hour levels played, he turned his one million starting stack into well over 5.5 million. German high roller Robert Heidorn (5,475,000), Tommie Janssen (4,315,000,) Kenny Hallaert (3,615,000,)

Heidorn Wins a Sizable One

The player under the gun opened for 25,000 and Kenny Hallaert called from the button. Robert Heidorn in the big blind squeezed to 110,000 and the initial raiser called. Hallaert folded. Heidorn continued for 105,000 on [AsTs6c] and his opponent called. Heidorn slid in six 100,000-chips on the [4c] turn, effectively

(Back) In

Robert Heidorn and Fabrizio Gonzalez were seen sitting down for their second try of the day. Anthony Zinno is a force to be reckoned with as well, he's on his first bullet.

Marty Mathis Leads Uruguay’s Biggest Buy-in Tournament as 15 Players Remain

Last year's partypoker MILLIONS South America Main Event winner Marty Mathis now leads the 2020 edition's Super High Roller. Mathis, a player with legendary status, known as "TheLipoFund" online, bagged 4.315 million in chips as fifteen players survived Day 1 of the $25,500 buy-in two-day event. Play got underway in Uruguay's

Heidorn Hits the Rail

Robert Heidorn shoved under the gun for 635,000 and big blind Marty Mathis called with [7d7h]. Heidorn showed [Ac9d] and failed to improve with the board coming [6d4hTd] [5d] [3c].

Mathis Flops a Flush

It folded to small blind Marty Mathis and he looked at [qd5d] before he completed. Big blind Robert Heidorn checked his option with [ahkh]. The flop was dealt [td7d2d] and Mathis checked. Heidorn bet 45,000 and he was called by Mathis. The turn was the [9d] and both players checked. They checked