Rainer Kempe Bubbles The PokerGO Stream

Having been short for a long time and, Rainer Kempe just found himself all in for his last 200,000 chips against Robert Flink. Flink: [KdKh] Kempe: [QsJh] The board ran out [Ts8d6dJdAc] and Kempe was eliminated in sixth place.

Big One for Flink

After Anson Tsang had called the 10,000 double ante Robert Flink made it 40,000 before Mikita Badziakouski moved all in for 192,000. The action folded back to Flink who made the call. Flink: [TdTs] Badziakouski: [AsQh] The board ran out [Ks8d9hKdKc] and Flink raked in a bit pot to put him on 780,000

Through the Lens: Gold for Greenwood, Four Card Fun

Day 2 of the British Poker Open has come to its conclusion, as Event #1 played down to a winner, and Event #2 has reached the final table. To start the day, Luc Greenwood took down Event #1 after defeating Steve O'Dwyer heads-up. This puts Greenwood in the best spot possible

Luc Greenwood Wins Opening Event of 2019 British Poker Open for £119,600

Luc Greenwood wins the first ever British Poker Open event.

After two fun-packed days of poker action, it was the overnight chip leader Luc Greenwood who prevailed in the opening event, though not with more changes of chip leader than ever as the final table became a shootout between elite pros. WATSON BUBBLES AS OPENING STACKS ARE FLIPPED With five players making

Flink First To Double?

There have already been a few double ups during the first handful of Event #2 levels, but Robert Flink just entered and has a chance to record the first British Poker Open double. The Swedish pro prefers cash games to tournaments, but that might not have been the case over the last

Robert Flink Eliminated in 3rd Place for £41,600

Robert Flink has just been eliminated in the oddest of circumstances here in the opening event of the 2019 British Poker Open. Steve O'Dwyer doubled through Flink when the former moved all-in for 85,000 with [Kd4c] and was called by Flink's [Td5d] and the board of [Kc2c8s3d9c] gave O'Dwyer a pair

Flink Doubles Through O’Dwyer

Robert Flink moved all-in for 390,000 chips with [JcTs] and was called by Steve O'Dwyer [Ks3s]. It could have been heads-up, with O'Dwyer leading until the turn on the board of [3c4d5dTc5h], but a dramatic ten on the turn saw Flink retake the lead and hold through the river to double back

Sam Grafton Eliminated in 4th Place for £26,600

Sam Grafton moved all-in from early position with [8d8s] and ran into Flink's [AdKh], which the high stakes cash game pro re-raised all-in. Steve O'Dwyer had [ThTd] and called it off, to see two players at risk, himself and Grafton. The board of [Qh2hKcTs3d] saw Sam Grafton finish fourth place for