Guan Continues to Chip Up at Wilkersons’ Expense

Dylan Wilkerson opened the button to 2,500 and the action folded to Ricky Guan in the big blind. Guan checked his cards before asking Wilkerson how much he had behind. Wilkerson responded, "About 90,000." Guan checked his cards again before three-betting to 12,500. Wilkerson quickly sent his cards into the muck.

Ricky Guan Shoves on Wilkerson and Berg

We picked up the action as Dylan Wilkerson opened under the gun plus one to 2,500. Ricky Guan called from the cutoff only to see Eli Berg three-bet to 10,500. Both Wilkerson and Guan made the call. The flop came [Jh6s8d] and both Wilkerson and Guan checked it over to Berg