Martin-ez Game

Raul Martinez has been moved from his initial table (as has happened quite a lot - the constant flow of new entries prompts the removal of big blind players to form new tables regularly at the moment) but is continuing to increase his stack. Leon Louis opened to 25,000, raised by

Martinez Checks His Trips All the Way (Only Raising Once)

Heads up between big blind Raul Martinez and button Daniel Rezaei (preflop opener): Martinez checked the [Jc5sJh] flop, Rezaei bet 15,000 and Martinez raised to 65,000.  Rezaei made the call and bet the [9c] turn when Martinez went back to checking (50,000).  Martinez called, then checked once more on the

Steady Stream of Entrants

Players continue to stroll in a leisurely fashion into the Main Event, which with hour levels gives them the latitude to late register with near stack-impunity.  An announcement was made that today's flight will allow one re-entry, with registration open all day.