The Biggest Cash Game in PokerGO History is Here!

Rob's Home Game

The highest stakes you've ever seen on PokerGO are here as Rob's Home Game is set to create four days of blistering hot action that you just can't miss out on. Today, we are excited to announce the lineup for the first night of action as a cast of characters

“The Fish Got There!”

Randall Emmett just moved all in for 112,000 and James Romero moved all in over the top after which Alex Foxen moved all in from the big blind as well. Emmett: [7h7c] Romero: [AhQh] Foxen: [AsQd] "One time!" Emmett shouted as loud as he could, "One time, seven!" The dealer fanned out [Th6d7s] and Emmett

Emmett Knocks Out Anderson

Randall Emmett raised to 10,000 and Calvin Anderson moved all in for 48,000, which was quickly called by the Hollywood producer who won back-to-back ARIA High Rollers last month. Emmett: [AsTc] Anderson: [QxQx] The board ran out [4sAd6d5hTs] and Emmett raked in the pot to send Anderson to the rail.

Top 10 Poker Players in Business

Randall Emmett, Talal Shakerchi, Chamath Palihapitiya, and Bill Perkins are among the best poker players in business.

Poker has long been a game in which the business professional had a lot of power. Businessmen and women have been playing poker for a long time and have kept games going, made million-dollar tournaments come together in the first place and have provided insight into how the game of