Ralph Wong Eliminated by Dan Shak

Ralph Wong shoved all in for roughly 96,000 from the button, and Dan Shak called in the small blind. Wong: [Ac3s] Shak: [8s8h] The board ran out [6c4d2c2s9s] and Wong was eliminated.

Rodger Johnson Rivers Top Pair

Rodger Johnson opened to 11,000 in the hijack and Seth Davies called in the cutoff, as did Ralph Wong from the big blind. The flop landed [Jh4h9h] and Davies bet 10,000. Wong check-folded, and Johnson check-called as the turn of the [8d] checked through. The river landed the [Ac] and Johnson bet

Justin Bonomo Goes Runner-Runner to Make Two Pair

Jake Schindler opened to 9,000 in the cutoff and Justin Bonomo called on the button, as did Ralph Wong from the big blind. The flop landed [As5c3d] and action checked to Bonomo who bet out 10,000. Wong called, and Schindler folded, as the [Kc] checked through on the turn. The river fell

Ralph Wong Shoves River on Nick Schulman

On a flop of [4c3c4d] with roughly 25,000 in the middle, Nick Schulman checked from the big blind, and Ralph Wong checked from under the gun. Nick Petrangelo bet out 16,000 next to act, and Schulman used a time extension bank before check-raising to 50,000. Wong used his own time extension

Ralph Wong vs. Nick Petrangelo

Ralph Wong raised his button to 2,500 and Nick Petrangelo three-bet the small blind to 9,000. Wong called, and on the [JcQc6d] flop, he called a Petrangelo continuation-bet of 5,000. The turn landed the repeat [6s] and Petrangelo now opted to check. Wong bet 20,000, and Petrangelo folded.