Ryan Riess Eliminated by Ralph Wong

Action folded to Ralph Wong in the small blind, and he moved all in. From the big blind, Ryan Riess called all in for 260,000. Wong: [7d6d] Riess: [5d5c] The board ran out [AsQc7cKsJs] and with Wong connecting on the flop, he sent Riess to the rail.

Dan Shak Eliminated by Ralph Wong

Dan Shak moved all in from the cut off holding [AxJx] for his last 380,000 and Action folded to Ralph Wong in the big blind who made the call with [KxKx]. The board did not improve Shak and he was eliminated.

Ricky Guan Eliminated by Ralph Wong

Ralph Wong opened to 35,000 from the button. Action folded to Ricky Guan in the big blind who shoved all in for 345,000. Wong briefly thought it over before making the call. Guan: [AcTh] Wong: [7d7s] The board ran out [6h5c3s6dQd] and Guan could not improve as Wong's pocket sevens held for the

Ryan Laplante’s Massive River Bet Gets the Job Done

With a board of [6sKsJs8c] Ryan Laplante cut out a bet of 25,000. Sean Perry made the call from the small blind and Ralph Wong folded. The river was the [2d] and Perry checked it to Laplante. After using most of his shot clock Laplante put out a bet of 179,000. Perry

“$25K Elevator” Hybrid Finale Live on PokerGO

PokerGO is your home for Poker After Dark cash games and another high stakes hybrid "$25K Elevator" session is live. The new format kicked off the 2019 calendar last night and returns with some Poker After Dark favorites including Matt Berkey and Justin Young. The final “$25K Elevator” hybrid cash game will