Kempe: “It’s Like You Can Smell It When I’m Doing Something Silly”

When we arrived, the action was already on the turn but Kempe - somewhat ashamed it seemed - smilingly told us the earlier action after the hand had finished. The button opened for 25,000 and big blind Rainer Kempe three-bet to 110,000. The button called. Kempe then fired 80,000 on [5h9h8h] and

Kempe Fighting Back

Rainer Kempe lost some small pots early on, but just now one a small one to get closer back to starting stack. On a flop of [7d5d7c], he check-called a bet of 25,000 from the big blind. His opponent, a player in middle position, bet 75,000 on the [Kc] turn once

Kempe Can’t Call

When we arrived, the flop was already out in a hand between Rainer Kempe in middle position and the player the big blind. The big blind checked on [7h2c3c] and Kempe bet 28,000. The big blind check-raised to 76,000 and Kempe called. The big blind bet 81,000 on the [6c] turn

Kempe Knocked Out

Rainer Kempe had 640,000 left after the sizable hand where he folded the river, but his seat was vacant the next time we walked by. His former table mate Roberto Romanello didn't know the exact details of Kempe's bust out hand, but did tell us that the German high roller had

Kempe Gives Up in Massive Pot

Right after winning that sizable pot, Roberto Romanello opened once more, this time under the gun for 26,000. Rainer Kempe three-bet two positions down making it 83,000. The cutoff cold four-bet to 205,000 and the button, blinds, and Romanello all folded. Kempe called. Kempe checked on [Qc5h5c] and called the 150,000-bet

Kempe Eliminated in Huge Clash, Sagra Triples Up

Rainer Kempe lost a sizeable pot earlier to James Romero and he lost the rest to both Roberto José Sagra and Romero in a three-way all-in situation. Kempe had opened the action from early position with a raise to 200,000 and he was called by Romero. Sagra was the short stack

Romero Picks Off the Bluff

It folded to Rainer Kempe in the small blind and he limped. The big blind, James Romero, raised to 225,000 and Kempe called. The flop was dealt [qs7c4d] and both players checked. The [8d] turn fell and Kempe fired a bet of 350,000 this time. He was called by Romero and

Daniels Triples Up

Rainer Kempe raised from early position to 160,000 and Jacob Daniels three-bet all in for 360,000. A four-bet of 600,000 was made by Roberto José Sagra from the small blind and Kempe called. Daniels could triple up if he managed to win the pot. The flop was dealt [kskc6h] and Sagra