Rainer Kempe Eliminated by Joseph Cappello

Joseph Cappello raised to 9,000 in middle position and Kristina Holst called from the button. From the big blind, Rainer Kempe moved all in for 113,000, and Cappello iso-shoved over the top for 145,000 and Holst folded. Cappello: [AhKh] Kempe: [6h6s] The board ran out [Ts4sKc9h3d] and Kempe was outdrawn on the flop

Brandon Adams Shoves from the Big Blind

Sean Winter opened to 6,500 in middle position and Rainer Kempe called next to speak in the hijack. From the cutoff, Jared Jaffee three-bet to 22,500 before Brandon Adams moved all in from the big blind for 78,000. Winter, Kempe, and Jaffee all folded, and Adams collected the pot.

Sean Perry Four-Bets to Victory

David Peters opened the cutoff to 2,500 and Rainer Kempe three-bet the button to 9,000. From the big blind, Sean Perry cold four-bet to 29,000, and both Peters and Kempe folded.

David Peters Wins Poker Masters #Event 1 ($193,200)

Poker Masters opened on PokerGO this Saturday with the $10,000 final table. David Peters beat a competitive group of 69 entrants to win the $193,200 first-place prize on the PokerGO live stream. Peters adds to his U.S. Poker Open win from a few months ago and takes the early lead

Farid Jattin Eliminates Rainer Kempe

The action folded to Rainer Kempe in the cutoff and he opened to 11,000. Action folded to Farid Jattin in the small blind who 3-bet shoved for 180,000. The big blind folded, Kempe called and the cards were tabled. Kempe [7d7c] Jaka [KdQh] The flop ran out [6s3dQc] giving Jattin top pair. The

Rainer Kempe Triples

Dan Shak opened to 12,000 from the hijack and Rainer Kempe shoved all in from the button for 33,000. Stephen Chidwick made it 55,000 from the big blind and Shak shoved over the top for 202,000. Chidwick folded, and the cards were tabled. Shak: [AhKs] Kempe: [KdJs] The board ran out [7hJhTc8d2c] and

Poker Central Power Rankings: Lewis Looms Large Down Under

Toby Lewis jumps into the sixth spot with two massive Aussie Millions scores this week!

After a controversial start to the weekly Poker Central Power Rankings, the second edition is here! The criteria for this list are strictly up to the five-person panel that tries to strike a balance between tournament accomplishments, cash game moments, social media influence and all other things that make a

Rainer Kempe Eliminated by Bryn Kenney

Rainer Kempe got his last 85,000 into the middle preflop on the button against Bryn Kenney in the big blind. Kenney showed [ad][jh] and was in the lead against Kempe's [kc][qs]. The board ran out [9d][7d][2h][3d][5h]. Kenney's ace-high held up against Kempe's king-high and Kempe hit the rail, while Kenney continued