Sam Soverel Wins Event #5 of the British Poker Open for £322,000

Sam Soverel got his first British Poker Open win after two second place finishes.

After two runner-up results in previous British Poker Open events this Series, Sam Soverel finally finished one place higher by winning Event #5, and in doing so took a commanding lead in the race to become the overall Series champion. BOSCA BUBBLES It was the Spanish short-stack who would bubble the event,

Rainer Kempe Eliminated in 2nd Place for £196,000

Rainer Kempe put on a good fight but fell short of the win.

Rainer Kempe chose the wrong moment to move all-in with [Jd9h], with Sam Soverel calling for a pot worth over 75% of the chips in play with a monster hand - [QhQc]! The flop of [Kc2c8d] was harmless for the American's chances of winning the hand, and the [8h] turn and

Kempe Takes Over the Chip Lead

Sam Soverel took a slight lead into the heads-up battle, but a thin bluff in the first hand and an attacking raise in the second gave Kempe the slimmest of chip leads. Kempe limped in the next hand with [9c9h] and Sam Soverel raised to 240,000 with [6c5h]. Kempe opted to

Ali Imsirovic Eliminated in 3rd Place for £112,000

The Bosnian player Ali Imsirovic made it 300,000 to go with [Qs5s] and when Sam Soverel popped it to 560,000 with a three-bet holding [Ac2c], Imsirovic called all-in for his 515,000 stack. Imsirovic needed help, but didn't receive it on the [3c5c4s] flop, which saw Soverel make a wheel and the turn

Stephen Chidwick Eliminated in 4th Place for £70,000

Stephen Chidwick was all-in for his tournament life with [Th6h] and it was Rainer Kempe who would be his conqueror after calling him with [Qh2c]. The flop of [5dJd9s] the turn of [Ks] left Chidwick needing one of six outs didn't show on the [2s] river wasn't one of them, sending

Kempe Rivers a Duck to Survive

Rainer Kempe raised with [Kh2h] up to 260,000. Stephen Chidwick shoved [KdTd] but then mistakenly revealed his hand. Kempe had a real decision knowing that he was dominated. With 1.2m in the pot, Kempe had to run the math and knowing that he was in bad shape, but needing to call

Soverel Snaps Kempe in Half

Rainer Kempe had moved all-in several times with his chip lead, building it to a point that he had double anyone else's chips in an effort to add what would be his 18th live title to his already-impressive poker CV. He just did it with king-deuce, hoping to get another

A Hand for Everyone

Every one of the four players remaining has been active in just over one orbit, and here's how they got moves through. Stephen Chidwick moved all-in with an unseen hand and everyone folded very quickly. Rainer Kempe made it 80,000 with [JdTd] and Ali Imsirovic, who has been quiet so far three-bet