Rainer Kempe Loses Some

The action folded to Rainer Kempe in the cutoff and he opened for 105,000. The small blind and big blind called and checked to Kempe on [2h8cKc]. Kempe bet 125,000 and the small blind shoved for 705,000. The big blind folded and Kempe called with [4c5c]. The small blind showed

Rainer Kempe Eliminated

High roller Rainer Kempe just lost the last of his chips, though he didn't have much to start the hand with. We arrived on the [7dJh3s] flop as the small Luke Reeves in the small blind, Rainer Kempe in the big blind, and Kuljinder Sidhu all checked. Andrew Wilson bet 100,000

Kempe, Kassouf, and Gruissem Out

"He died a slow death to be honest," Rainer Kempe's former neighbor said. The German high roller's last hand had him jam the low jack for his last eight big blinds with ace-ten. Unfortunately for Kempe, the big blind woke up with ace-king and saw that hand hold up. Besides Kempe,

Rainer Kempe Eliminated in 9th Place

Rainer Kempe, shortest stack with 11 big blinds, found an open spot in the hijack with [Qs7s] and committed the lot.  He was not only called by small blind Preben Stokkan, but dominated with [AhQh].  The only spade to grace the board was the ace, at the end of a

Super High Roller Day 2 Initial Seating

With late registration still open, the starting line-up will be as follows: Table Seat Player Chips 1 1 1 2 Mikita Badziakouski 2,250,000 1 3 Kristen Bicknell 2,455,000 1 4 1 5 Preben Stokkan 2,685,000 1 6 Igor Kurganov 2,380,000 1 7 1 8 Rainer Kempe 1,085,000 2 1 Ben Heath 1,555,000 2 2 Luke Reeves 5,160,000 2 3 2 4 Joao Vieira 1,970,000 2 5 Christoph Vogelsang 290,000 2 6 2 7 Alex Foxen 2,240,000 2 8

$25,500 Super High Rollers Return to Action at 1pm with Two Tables Left

Day 2 of the partypoker MILLIONS UK $25,500 Super High Roller brings back two tables that are not yet set in their line-ups: late registration remains open for two more 40-minute levels and a full redraw will be done prior to cards hitting air.  Anyone buying in today will receive