Caiaffa Doubles

Pedro Madeira jammed for effectively 13,200,000 from the small blind to put Rafael Caiaffa at risk. Caiaffa called for his tournament life. Pedro Madeira had [kd7s] and he had one live card against the [7h7c] of Caiaffa. The [kcjc4d] brought one of those outs and Caiaffa was drawing to the case

Romanello’s Preflop Three-Bet Takes it Down

Rafael Caiaffa sat under the gun and he raised to 450,000. It folded to big blind and partypoker PRO Roberto Romanello who three-bet. The Welshman fired a bet of 1,375,000 and Caiaffa was up. The Brazilian thought about it for a brief moment before he folded.