High Roller Finale Back in Action

A few more players (see below) took their seats before the first cards of Day 2 hit the air, and we expect late entries to continue at a steady pace.

Preben Stokkan Eliminated in 4th Place ($100,000)

Something had to give, and it was a battle of the preflop aces that eliminated one of the two hard-to-bust short stacks.  Preben Stokkan moved in on the cutoff with [ah8h] for 1,280,000 and small blind Ben Heath reshoved for 2,400,000 with [ackd] (big blind Kahle Burns folding his own

Short Stacks Dodge Raindrops…

If the rain were raises, coming from Igor Kurganov (in the main) and Kahle Burns secondarily.  With a hefty pay jump, Preben Stokkan's very short stack has been in the sights of everyone else, including Ben Heath, who has under eight big blinds himself.  Forced all in with the [ah4h]

Kurganov Extends Lead at Stokkan’s Expense

Preben Stokkan opened in the cutoff for 240,000 with [Kc6c] and Igor Kurganov called with [5c5h] in the small blind.  Stokkan bet 275,000 when Kurganov checked the [4hqdqc] flop, and was called.  Both players checked the [Ts] turn, bringing the [2c] river.  Check the third from Kurganov; Stokkan bet 700,000. 

Rainer Kempe Eliminated in 9th Place

Rainer Kempe, shortest stack with 11 big blinds, found an open spot in the hijack with [Qs7s] and committed the lot.  He was not only called by small blind Preben Stokkan, but dominated with [AhQh].  The only spade to grace the board was the ace, at the end of a

Large Double for Kurganov

Another monstrous multiway match-up saw Kahle Burns open with [ahqh], flatted by Preben Stokkan with [JcJs], only to find Igor Kurganov three-betting (now in the cutoff) with [KhKd] to 575,000.  Burns called, but Stokkan took the brakes off, moving all-in; Kurganov alone made the call, his tournament life at risk.