No Back-to-Back Trophies for Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey jammed for 41,000 when it folded to him preflop with [JdTd], called by Wai Leong Chan in the hijack with a dominating [AcJc].  Over to cutoff Artur Martirosyan, who paused for a moment before three-betting small, to 105,000 with [9c9d].  Chan made the call to see a [3h6hAs]

Ivey and Sam Greenwood Double Through Martirosyan Simultaneously

Phil Ivey having just 11,000 remaining, it all went in preflop with the strong first-hand pick up of [AcKd].  Sam Greenwood behind him took the plunge too, with [Kh3h], this second total bet of 76,000 called by Artur Martirosyan with [JsTs].  The [9c9d9s4d7d] board failed to eliminate even one of

Feature Table Changing During the Break

As the players below head off into the hole-card-cam-free zone of the outer tables, among the line-up coming on the live stream shortly will be Phil Ivey (currently very short) and Stephen Chidwick.

Phil Ivey Back on Trophy-Winning Form, Taking Down Event #7 for $856,050

With the antes skyrocketing, Phil Ivey closed out his back-and-forth heads up match with Michael Soyza to claim victory in Event #4 $50,000 Short Deck.  He went one better than his runner-up spot in Event #5 (same buy-in, same format) to take home the last trophy available in the partypoker

Michael Soyza Finishes Runner Up ($561,780)

Down to ten button antes, Michael Soyza was put to the test preflop by Phil Ivey, who set him in with [Ah6h].  Soyza elected to take his [Kd7s] and run with it in pursuit of a double up, and called his last 2,630,000 all-in.  He flopped a pair of kings,