Weekend Binge Watch – The Randall Emmett Experience

Randall Emmett & Lala Kent walking into the Rio during the 2018 World Series of Poker Main Event.

A little more than a year ago, the poker world became familiar with the flamboyant, talkative, high-energy, and fearless Randall Emmett. Over the course of Poker After Dark's exciting run since its return in the summer of 2017, Emmett is among the players that have the most appearances on the

Through the Lens: All Mixed Up

Yesterday saw Bryn Kenney attempt to set a record final fastest USPO final table ever played and the mixed game communities best come to battle in Event 8. Kenney steamrolled the $25K NLH Event 7 final table to win $450,000 in just under two hours, before 20 of the worlds

Phil Hellmuth Eliminated by Stephen Chidwick

Pot-Limit Omaha Phil Hellmuth moved all in before the flop for 49,500 and got called by Chris Vitch and Stephen Chidwick. The flop was [8h7s3s]. Chidwick moved in for the rest of his stack and was called by Vitch. The three players showed their hands. Hellmuth: [AcKdQc9s] Chidwick: [AsKsQd2d] Vitch: [9h9c7h6c] Vitch was ahead with nines

Phil Hellmuth Takes It Down From the Button

No Limit Hold'em Dan Shak made the initial raise to 8,000 from the cutoff. Phil Hellmuth called from the button and John Monnette played for a slight discount from the small blind. When the flop was [3h8dAs], Monnette and Shak both checked. Hellmuth bet 9,500 and got both players to fold.

Phil Hellmuth Wins Off Randy Ohel

Stud Catching the action on seventh street, Phil Hellmuth bet out and Randy Ohel called. Hellmuth: [XxXx] / [Ad4d4c3h] / [Xx] Ohel: [XxXx] / [Jc4h2dTs] / [Xx] Hellmuth tabled his [AcTdXx] for two pair, and Ohel mucked.

Nick Schulman Clips Phil Hellmuth

Limit Hold'em Phil Hellmuth raised to 8,000 under the gun and Nick Schulman called from the big blind. The flop landed [KhJc6c] and Schulman check-called a bet of 4,000. The turn fell the [5s] and Schulman checked again. Hellmuth bet 8,000, and Schulman called. The river of the [7h] checked through, and Schulman tabled