Nick Petrangelo vs. Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth raised to 9,000 in the cutoff and Nick Petrangelo called from the big blind. Both players checked the [6dJh8s] flop to reveal the [Tc] on the turn. Petrangelo bet out 12,000 and Hellmuth called as the river landed the [4d]. Petrangelo bet 40,000 and Hellmuth folded.

Nick Petrangelo Doubles Through Larry Wright

Action folded to Nick Petrangelo on the button and he moved all in for his last 28,000. Larry Wright was next to act in the small blind and re-shoved for 36,000 and the action moved to Phil Hellmuth in the big blind. "How much more is it, cause I have a

Phil Hellmuth Eliminated by Chris Hunichen

Action folded to Chris Hunichen in the small blind and he pushed forward a stack of chips to effectively put his opponent Phil Hellmuth all in from the big blind. Hellmuth instantly splashed his chips totaling roughly 40,000 forward, and the cards were tabled. Hunichen: [Jh8s] Hellmuth: [As9h] The board ran out [4d8c4s7cQh]

Phil Hellmuth Eliminated by Joseph Cheong

Phil Hellmuth held ace-queen against Joseph Cheong's pocket tens. The flop brought a ten, and Hellmuth found a queen on the river, but it wouldn't be enough and he was eliminated.

Joseph Cheong Doubles through Phil Hellmuth

The action folded to Joseph Cheong in the small blind who open jammed his last 53,000. Phil Hellmuth was in the big blind and made the call. Cheong: [KdTc] Hellmuth: [Ad8h] The flop came [5s2sKs] putting Cheong out in front. The turn came the [8s] giving Hellmuth a pair but the river came

Phil Hellmuth Eliminates Lauren Roberts on the Last Hand Before Break

Phill Hellmuth open to 10,000 from middle position and the action folded to Lauren Roberts in the big blind who made the call. The flop came [Ac2c4s] and Roberts check it over to Hellmuth who bet 7,000. Roberts quickly made the call. The turn came the [9d] and both players checked. The river

Two World Champs Battle it Out Before Break

In a hand that featured 16 WSOP bracelets and three Main Event victories, Phil Hellmuth won a 46,000 chip pot against Ryan Riess. Riess tried to bet Hellmuth out of the pot on the turn when the board showed [9s2cJs8s] but Hellmuth, holding the nut flush draw and three outs to

Poker Central Power Rankings: Lewis Looms Large Down Under

Toby Lewis jumps into the sixth spot with two massive Aussie Millions scores this week!

After a controversial start to the weekly Poker Central Power Rankings, the second edition is here! The criteria for this list are strictly up to the five-person panel that tries to strike a balance between tournament accomplishments, cash game moments, social media influence and all other things that make a