Ep. 138 Super High Roller Chicken Wings

Daniel Negreanu joins the Super High Roller Bowl Cash Game, Jason Koon dominates Triton and Dan Bilzerian throws shade at Jungleman. (Image: Getty)

Brent Hanks and Remko Rinkema come at you with a whole bunch of stuff including the weekly Power Rankings, the Effing Five, recaps of all three WPT final tables and much more! 00:20 – Paying tribute to the sudden passing of Mickey Craft. 03:20 – The Super High Roller Cash

Dan Shak Forces Phil Galfond to Fold Twice

Dan Shak has been pushing Phil Galfond around recently. In consecutive hands, he forced the aggressive Galfond to fold his hand. In the first, on a flop of [7h8d9d], Galfond bet 10,000 and then Shak raised the pot and "OMGClayAiken" was forced to fold. The next hand, Galfond raised to 10,000

Jared Bleznick Wins Pot Off Phil Galfond

Phil Galfond raised on the button to 10,000 and Jared Bleznick, in the small blind, popped it to 33,000. His opponent made the call and the players then saw a flop of [Qc4d4c]. Bleznick led for 17,000 and was called. The turn was the [2h] and both players checked. Bleznick then

Phil Galfond Takes One from Jared Bleznick

Phil Galfond opened the button to 10,000. Jared Bleznick was next to act in the small blind and he three bet to 33,000. Galfond thought it over for roughly 25 seconds before making the call. The flop landed [8d3c5h] and Bleznick checked. Galfond announced a near pot sized bet of 72,000. Bleznick briefly

Some Updated Chip Counts

Event #5 is currently on Level 5. Here is a list of updated chip counts for some of the remaining players.

Phil Galfond Doubles Through Tom Marchese

Phil Galfond raised the button to 7,000 and Tom Marchese three-bet the big blind to 22,000. Galfond called, and the flop landed [9sKsTh] and Marchese checked. Galfond bet 15,000 and Marchese called as the [Qh] checked through on the turn. The river landed the [7d] and Marchese slid out a stack of

Phil Galfond Tangles With Tom Marchese

Phil Galfond opened the button to 7,000 and got a call from Tom Marchese in the big blind. The flop came [TdKs5h] and action checked through. Action checked through again on the [Th] turn. When the dealer revealed the [7h] on the river Marchese bet 14,000 and Galfond called. Marchese tabled [Tc7cQc5s] for