Paul Phua Doubles into the Chip Lead

A huge double through for Paul Phua has propelled him into the chip lead three handed.  Matthias Eibinger opened to 160,000 on the button with [AsJd] and big blind Phua, with [AhQc], moved all in for 1,890,000.  Eibinger made the call and failed to outdraw Phua's bigger preflop ace on

Phua Bluffs Eibinger with Nut Low

The short stack three handed cannot be discounted when it's Paul Phua.  When Webster Lim folded his button, Matthias Eibinger raised in the small blind to 160,000 with [Kd3h], called by Phua with [2d3d].  Phua check-called Eibinger's 110,000 bet on the [5sTc6d] flop.  Both players checked the [7h] turn, and

Adrian Mateos Hits the Rail in 4th ($420,000)

The chips four-handed had become very unevenly split, with Adrian Mateos shortest on 445,000, Paul Phua with 895,000 and Lim and Eibinger on 2.5 million and 4.5 million apiece.  A hand occurred that wasn't raised preflop by either of these two: small blind Mateos took his chances moving all in

Chip Leaders Tangle

Matthias Eibinger raised in the hijack to 120,000 with [TsTh], and Webster Lim, second in chips, three-bet him to 340,000 with [AdKh].  Eibinger made the call.  The flop was [9s8c2d]; Eibinger checked his overpair, Lim bet 240,000 and Eibinger jammed for 2,210,000.  Lim folded, and the Austrian extended his chip

Phua Doubles in Battle of the Short Stacks

Kahle Burns opened to 120,000 under the gun with [AhKc].  It folded to big blind Paul Phua, the only player with fewer chips left at the table (430,000), who flat called with [2h2d].  The flop portended action: [Kh2c7d].  Phua checked his set, and Burns bet 60,000.  Phua called, checking again


Paul Phua limped under the gun with [Ahad], Michael Addamo followed suit with [As2s] and Adrian Mateos checked his option with [9c6c].  On the [9h8c6s] flop, Phua shoved for 530,000 and both of his opponents folded (Mateos after getting a count). "Misclick," said Phua. "You probably got more," came a disembodied answer.